3.18.1 Patch Notes

please nix the archnemesis or gut it. Game is a grinder for casual, not as skilled players. Doable , but not enjoyable .
Please fix blight map crash to desktop when building new tower bug.
Please undo the legion stasis change. ):
Fixed a bug where Gem level-up buttons could sometimes re-shuffle when clicked.
This is still happening.
Last edited by Kormi on Jun 14, 2022, 8:39:43 PM
Still nothing to deal with drought bringer removing all endurance, power, and frenzy charges I see. Unfortunate considering it causes charge builds to just die.
Phys conversion from HH still there and still fucks impale/brutality builds up.
Ruthless should be [Removed by Support].
So basically when all is said and done what we'll have here is just new visuals for the monsters? Since all the "challenge" is being scaled down (which it needed to be). Oh but they'll still take longer to kill in some cases depending on if they match your damage type?

How can anyone claim that any of this was tested at all? The amount of nerfs required to make this game enjoyable again is just laughable.
Last edited by Durf on Jun 14, 2022, 10:07:09 PM
Just one little thing, DELETING BEASTS OR ORBING ALL OF THEM AT ONCE, PLEASE! I'm farming one hour, then 30 mins or more clicking to make some space...
I cant believe it's an issue for so many years.
The big map device portal always pissed me off, now its gone. Ty :)
Reverse nerf on legion sentinel use or ill never again buyin your store. It was only safe way to deploy pandemonium even, every other case you die middle deploying, shit league

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