3.18.1 Patch Notes

"Updated the description on the Purposeful Harbinger Cluster Jewel Notable to clarify it applies to Auras from your Skills, not those of your Allies."
- WOw GGG, it took you almost 2 league to show people how you don't give a shit and that when you make changes like this, you think the players are stupid sheep who supposedly won't notice

"Fixed a bug where Gem level-up buttons could sometimes re-shuffle when clicked." - No comments...
Mb later you will explain to us GGG why yr "buffs" that you steal from rares(HH) just bugging and working even if you die and re enter map.

Ty VM for your "smoke mine" genius decide to targetly nerf HH, and how stupid this shit is. For example Thorned Vines ( You take 20% of your Maximum Life and Energy Shield as Chaos Damage if you use a travel skill while vined.) and you CANT CONTROL SHROUd WALKER which WILL Damage you via ThorneD vines, very nice GGG. HOW the #### ShrouD walker Doesnt have cd??? Are you insane GGG? =)

Dear GGG, don't even try to justify everything with your development of PoE 2.
I'm sure that almost everyone who is here to read the patch notes, don't give a shit about PoE 2, we want to play nice PoE, okay?
Im genuinly curious. What is the reson behind the legion change. It was the only reasonable way for any passive damage builds like minions/rf or builds that leave damage behind like cold dot/ignite prolif to use the league mechanic with legion.
If you can handle freeing the amped up legion why shouldnt you?

This legit feels like a huge slap in the face of anyone who has a shitty pc as well. Legion alone can already tank peoples PCs, empowering even more so. And now you are supposed to empower them the moment you free them? Yea enjoy your -1 portal per legion encounter.
I think it was intended as a nerf to fast clearing skills that kinda automate mapping. I mean 3.18 was a big nerf patch without announcing it while even stating that "you could plan your build early", even though lot's of builds got broken or core items drop rates got reduced. Why they continue to nerf during the league is something I do not understand.
Please fix Drought bringer! It takes all the charges and kills the Juggernaut enduring charges based builds!! We play hardcore, come on guys! Fix this shit!
nice to see echo shrine fixed, thank you.
Did this patch go in correctly for other steam users? Heralding is summoning way more than 5 totems still. The gem leveling on right side is still shuffling for me.

I am just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same, or is it just me.

Thanks as always.
Fixed a bug where Gem level-up buttons could sometimes re-shuffle when clicked.

Honest to god as I started reading the patch notes I was remembering my report of this that I made a fair while ago now and was quite surprised to see it has been fixed.
Computer specifications:
Windows 10 Pro x64 | AMD Ryzen 3700X | ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero (WiFi) Motherboard | 16GB 3600MHz RAM | MSI Geforce 1070Ti Gamer | Corsair AX 760watt PSU | Samsung 860 Pro 512GB SSD & WD Black FZEX HDD
I really like how this 200 MB bug fix patch cut my performance from steady 60 fps to gibbery 40 fps really great patch love it so far
Monsters with the Magma Barrier modifier now only spawn Fire Volatiles when a player is within 70 units of them.

Now for the million dollar question, how many units has our screen? Since you love your MTX more than the gameplay itself you have the chars so close that I’m betting in around 50 or so.
Please at least give us a chance on the Atlas tree to not have Archnemesis monsters next league. I have spent a lot of money on this game and have no desire to play it with AN monsters in every aspect of the game. Don't make them permanent, please.
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