3.18.1 Patch Notes

ALso please wix bug with Ophidian armor and Ophidian Lord armor that cayse PYRE KNIGHT HELMET to not despawn character chair model when orn together pls
Reason behind Legion changes? I mean have u guys even played the game? Like do u even understand how retarded it is to efficiently use Panda sentinel with any build that isnt a full thicc 10k hp tank? Im sorry but WHO fkn asked for this? Try a bow build... OH wait your testers are using 10 mirror builds... I just cant comprehend how can you make GREAT league mechanic but fuck up BASE game (archnemesis rares) you did outstanding job on 3.17? And now ur trying to fuck Sentinel over, give me a break, when league is over, feel free to do w/e u want with it not mid league.
Good to see at least some of the design mess is getting fixed, but there is one issue that is rarely mentioned by other players: when monster places mark on player character, mark is permanent until you hunt down and kill that specific monster.

Not only this is impossible in Delve, it is annoying in common mapping too. With FX screen clutter, you may only notice the mark after moving well away from the place where it got applied, and running back to search all corners is silly.

If you insist on making marks permanent, at least make them disappear after moving far enough away from the mark caster. Only someone who never played the game could have designed the current state of marks.
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Fixed a bug where Gem level-up buttons could sometimes re-shuffle when clicked.

This is so big.
My mirror thread https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2756556
Time-frozen Legion monsters can no longer be empowered by Sentinels.
Bring back the league mechanic!!!
And still no fix for being locked out of using any abilities for 4 seconds when using shield charge + frostblink
Fuck this patch. I started a Winter Orb Twink to focus on Legion farming and now you nerf it mid League.

I thought you only nerf after a League is over. This is shitty behavior. And I already bought MTX this league. So no money from me next patch, if this does not get reverted.
The only solution is to delete archnemesis or delete old ondeath and trigger effects. You added archnemesis to core and saved all ondeath and trigger when see monsters now you get archnemesis on death and trigger 10 effects + 5-10 old one... Balance it, this league is the best in diversity of way you can earn currency but the worst in gameplay, there always were oneshots in poe but the amount in this league is just enormous... Change a chance to lightning characters to appear cause now the mod that spawns is 15x more likely than it was before archnemesis and you basically cant stand in one place to pick up for second and visually it s just trash, you see one little lightning over you but when you play like CWDT build gl in seeing this ... On death effects and triggers there should be like red border that anything is on you or smth. Also you should change the range that monsters get triggered, i feel like if you dont play on ultrawide screen you sometimes die from something you cant see but than comeback on map, move a bit to the unexplored map direction and you see mobs with that effect... Too many triggers now from out of screen. A lot of work to be done but if you wont fix what i have written your player base will only decrease over next league and later. Worst league from all 10 i have been playing in playstyle but best in diveristy of way you can play it in endgame.
Harvest league FTW ( not the garden! ) - Unique way of achieving crafts, just add window to hideout comers to click on station, they add item, pick craft, click craft, on seller window pops out to confirm - WOW INSANELY HARD TO IMPLEMENT. STOP NERFING, Bring back old loot, bring back fun again!
pls fix BLIGHT!!!! Its been there since the league start yet not fixed - today 1 blight map 2 crashes when trying to build new tower!!!! So ANNOYING!!!!!
Keep up the good work!

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