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f1rstborn wrote:
RO_MrGummy wrote:
I played this build in Sanctum and loved how it went. Managed to do all 40 challenges. It was a good balance between DPS and survivability from my point of view. Will you update the build for 3.21? Thank you in advance 🙂

Glad you enjoyed it! Updated for 3.21, though it didn't need much change to be honest. Will be starting poison shockwave this time around. But I'll transition back to this in a week or two to blast 200M DPS in Crucible!

Can u update your idea of psn/chaos shockwave totems?
Maronsson wrote:

Do you have a pob for a poison variant as more of a leaguestarter?

I'd like to see a poison variant too. I wonder if it's better than going EO.
Is the link to the pob working for anybody?
Did you just change the Pob yesterday?
Uhh, maybe creator is busy. I am going to pass this, no reply and upgrades for 6 days.
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are you still actively doing this build for Crucible league?
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i've been having a lot of fun with the build so far, but holy lord is it ungodly expensive to improve anything in terms of items/jewels.
So I'm at the "mapping as a Heiro" part of the guide, Why do we use Added fire damage support instead of added cold, for instance?

(Trying to understand damage scaling a bit more)

edit: Just FYI, i'm using Heatshiver and Hrimsorrow already - so with Hrim I'm converting 100 physical, and with Heatshiver I get bonus for cold damage, so I would think I would want more cold damage over some added fire?
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I'm dual wielding the new Tulfall with this skill. I have 6 min power charges which mean big raw cold damage, Shroud of the Lightless + Bubonic Trail + Darkness Enthroned for more penetration plus life and mana increased. Also the Ritual of Awakening ascendancy gives 5% more dps per summon totem so I'm running addtional 10x Searing Bond Totem (50% more damage, 10% life regen, 5% mana regen). Paired together with 3x SWT and I have 13 totems in total. Bigggg juicy dps and regen boost! Anointed Surveillance on ammy for addtional 1% more dps on enemies per summoned totem nearby because you never get enough dakka :pog:

DPS is good, I'm farming Vaal Temple except no regen mod, Guardians aint shit, I can chose whatever Expedition remnants except cold immune, Expo's bosses aint shit either. Fairly tanky with MoM and Glancing Blows, 5k life and 1k unreserved mana, 79% phys reduction (90 with flask) but need to drop more survivability for more jewel slots to get min power and frenzy charge via Grand Spectrum plus Inner Conviction. Mine is a little bit unique (maybe very inefficient lol) so I thought I would share it here.

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Manage to fit in another 4m dps. Next step will be fitting in another large cluster and running 3x Grand Spectrum for 8 power charges, 3 frenzy charges and Militant Faith with 24% more damage and about 100% increased damage. Should raise my dps to 35m without losing too much survivability

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