[Xbox] Path of Exile: Sentinel Launch Release Time Update

So I've read everything in this thread. A lot of people are pissed as they should be. Some people are defending GGG out of love for the company, which is fine. I love them too. I've handed them $2,000+ over the years on xbox alone and I have another account for pc where I've probably spent even more. I love Poe. Here's the issue though. This is GGG's fault. They didn't get the patch to microsoft in time. They didn't bother updating us basically at all. They didn't even bother to update their own thread that tells us when the sent it to microsoft. They could have told us when they sent it over that things are likely to be late. People took vacation days for launch. Not sure everyone knows this but unless you are your own boss, you can't just say JK I'm working today. No that get scheduled in. You don't get to undo that. It's wasted. Plus if it wasn't paid time off, the GGG owes these people. I'm saying this as someone who sets there own schedule and didn't take the day off yesterday. Thank god I didn't. To make a bad thing worse they are launching night here in the US now, so everyone who can't stay up all night is at a disadvantage. Thankfully our EU players aren't as effected. Then we can get to their apology. Just don't. If you going to give us a copy past apology when it's clear you couldn't even tell us what's going on. You don't care. Because we (all) don't hand you $100+ every league? Well guess what. Until you actually apologize and do something to show it, I'm done buying mtx. You won't be getting your $180 from me every three months anymore. Fix this GGG.
Obey is spot on. I'm at a loss for words on how anyone can defend them when they couldn't even so much as provide us with courtesy updates. Not a single word from them since the original post aside from twitter. So bad.
In-game it says that the expansion Will be RELEASED on 5PM PDT, but here it says 8PM, so what? Do you know what "release" means, right?
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I agree with obey the transparency is very not there for console at all. it makes it seem they really don't care about console ports. I was going to drop 60$ on a support pack this league but I don't think I'm going to now.
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The perception is GGG don't care about consoles as they don't make as much money from mtx on those platforms

Console players don't spend as much on mtx because they have the perception that GGG don't care about consoles.

Self fulfilling prophecy and stuff like this doesn't help break that cycle.
the way stuff is treated vs Console and PC. "Less transparency telling us there be events when there isn't etc. etc." I played on the PC majority of the time I spent on PoE till my PC went out and I got Series X for the time being. spent even more money on mtx on the console version. it just feels like "why spend $ on something when you get no respect and treated lesser then the other versions" not encouraging ppl, to not support GGG they are great and make an awesome game.
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As a casual player this league launch start time really affects me deeply :( ..
11 pm my time.. it is 4:20pm now, should I go take a nap and try to compete against no lifers all night ?
lul "as a casual player"... first off you are everything but casual, second you are the 'No lifers' ninja
I don't understand all the vitriol over a minor delay. Thanks for the updates. Thanks for the amazing free game you update more than any game out there. Thanks for the new patch. Can't wait!
Where's the warning that the servers are going to be down for the new league patch? Haven't seen that yet just the countdown. Are we to assume the severs have been updated for the 8pm launch?

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