[Xbox] Path of Exile: Sentinel Launch Release Time Update

11pm eastern launch? more than a full day late? out of your control? remember guys they pledged the release date to us so that means they donated it... tencent should just take over at this point.
I really enjoyed waking up and looking at the poe news board to see another microtransaction before information when xbox gets the new leauge.
Pretty much sums up what xbox community is worth.
11PM Eastern on a Thursday is definitely the launch window that is going to generate hype and player count
W O W, so you can't even release the damn league at the same time?! You're delaying it 3 hours from what it should have been originally, on top of the day delay?! 8 pm PDT is THE WORST time to release. Hardly anyone will even be playing except a handful of no lifers. God damn you people might as well delay it till friday and release it at 1pm like you do PC.

Get it together GGG
Thanks! 5a.m is far better league start time for Europe than 2a.m.
Simple sorry, well done. give yoursel pad on sholder.
Now you do this. Ok i get it now.
Werry bad attitude, my suggestion close poe on console.
Thos mtx what wee suport you goes in diferent direction, i gues?
How long xbox one will be with lags?
Brilliant!!! Im not pissed at all. Nope...everytime when new league starting im taking day off from work and now its for nothing. Lovely.
I cant remember if patch delay was this long in past 3 years, at least i didnt overslept league start lol

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