Path of Exile: Sentinel Launch Delayed

As you know, Path of Exile: Sentinel was meant to be deployed on Xbox today. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control, this launch window was missed. We have a new launch time of 8pm PDT on Thursday 19th.

The realm will go down at 5pm PDT in order to enable the deployment and patching process. At 8pm PDT, the realm will come up and the Path of Exile: Sentinel expansion will be live!

We are very sorry for the delay, we understand how frustrating it is to make time to play the launch and have that not be possible. Thank you for your patience. We hope that you enjoy the Sentinel League!
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Grinding Gear Games
Do you guys view this as acceptable?
So who forget to hit the submit button on the patch for cert?
So just a simple sorry solved
Due to circumstances outside of my control, I am having to read the same “ due to circumstances outside of our control” multiple times a year now. At what point do we start accepting the responsibility and stop trying to blame others?

With that out of the way, I’m excited to start the league at the world’s best launch time.

Sarcasm aside, Friday morning can’t come soon enough.
Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of my control, I forgot to tie my shoelaces today and tripped. This is my shoe's fault.
You would think that as a company, any disservice to any % of their patronage would infuriate them.

You would think...

Once again, console gets the proverbial shaft as we make up the least % of MTX sales and therefore are expendable to the overall profit margin.

Let me put my clown nose back on for being so gullible.

I am not referring to GGG here

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