[Console] Path of Exile: Sentinel Console Launch

Ggg every league I take off my job for 3 day to start new league and every league is the same shit. Why u so disrespectful to us?
Necryre wrote:
I actually like that PC plays 5 days ahead of us. It helps me with my league starter seeing people play with buffed and nerfed or new skill gems/ascendancies.

Yeah those things are great and all but some of us would rather get to play the game while everyone else is streaming and enjoying it. If you need to wait 5 days to plan that should be on you.. We shouldnt be FORCED to wait 5 days EVERY. SINGLE. LEAGUE.

Hype dies out so quick each day that goes by that have to wait.
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1. One of the platforms usually gets a delayed start because the certification approval process time is different for Sony and Microsoft, as are the hardware and networks between the PS4 and Xbox One. It is entirely plausible for one system to have a game-breaking bug that isn't present in the other, and I'm sure you'd rather have it discovered before the league launches, rather than during. PC PoE doesn't have that delay because they don't have to go through Sony/Microsoft's approval process to patch the game. This is also why PC gets restartless updates; the bureaucratic process is much faster with less parties involved. It isn't an excuse, by the way; the certification process for consoles is notorious among all developers in the industry. It affects everything from Minecraft to PUBG & Fortnite, Call of Duty to Stellaris, etc etc.

2. Console release is also staggered by five days to avoid having to go through the approval process so frequently. Do you realize how many delays console league starts would have if they needed four hotfixes over the first two days? It'd be much worse than a few hours. This is primarily to our benefit, as well. We get five days of insight as to how builds perform in a given league, allowing us to plan ahead. Where a PC player may unwittingly choose a build that massively underperforms in a new league, we have the ability to learn from their mistakes without needing to restart the Acts. We also get the guaranteed early league hotfixes from the get-go! The issues these hotfixes are for are often game-breaking and build-ruining, so in a sense, the PC is a beta test for us console players.

3. What do you mean by "what happened to we will communicate better with the console community," exactly? You literally commented on a forum post that is communicating the issue. This was also posted 18 hours in advance of the intended release time. Only, you chose to call the actual reason for the issue and resulting delay an excuse. They communicated; you just plugged your ears and pretended you couldn't hear.

I appreciate the try. Its like tossing a dude dressed up in a hotdog outfit to break up a pitbull dog fight though :) You make perfect sense to me if that means anything. Some of us got our big boy pants on :)
I appreciate the post. Xbox will be finally tuned when it comes out. Thank you so much for the update!
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I quit my job, left wife and kids, ivested my pension/their inheritance money in MTX... and this is how you treat me, GGG!? We are living in a SOCIETY!

You guys are really something else. :D

Patch can now be downloaded on Playstion, hope the issues for Xbox are sorted soon too!

GL and HF everyone.
glad to know we can't even get a little communication for them to tell us a rough eta but they can certainly post about and release new mtx in the store
Can we please get a ETA on when Xbox will go live?.
Would be amazing to have a rough ETA when possible
Good to know we don't even warrant a tweet anymore. hope it's all up and running soon 3g - your hard work is appreciated by us ol console boys
xbox poe.. where people want e̶x̶a̶l̶t̶s̶ divines for junk items ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯

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