Path of Exile: Sentinel Console Launch

We're planning to launch the Path of Exile: Sentinel expansion on console soon. We're on track for our launch on PlayStation. However, we've encountered some show-stopping issues with the Xbox launch which unfortunately must be delayed while we wait for certification for deployment. We're deeply sorry to our Xbox community for the delays. We'll keep you updated as we get more information on timelines and what to expect.

Patch notes for 3.18.0 for Console can be found here and here. The patch includes 3.18.0 Hotfixes 1-3, which include our initial balance of Archnemesis modifiers.

The Boss Kill event is still scheduled to start in the Sentinel SSF league. It will run until each prize has been won. For more information about the event and its prizes check out this announcement.

Once again, we want to reiterate our apologies to the Xbox community. We'll work to make the expansion available as soon as possible.
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