3.17.4 Patch Notes

The game is continually crashing to desktop. Very irritating.
Crashed again.
No crashes since last patch. Thank you.
The DX12 beta is smooth as butter, thanks GGG.
~ Adapt, Improvise and Overcome
Very smooth for me as well, didn't crash during like 20 min of tests. Less average FPS though, from around 130 to 110-115. Not noticeable though, thanks to Gsync.
DX 12beta works very well. Now I can play windowed fullscreen (borderless).
Thanks GGG!

Ryzen 2600X PBO
16Gb DDR4 cl16
GTX 1660S OC
Samsung evo 970
Two monitors 144Hz/ 72Hz
Nvidia drivers 512.15
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DX12 seems very smooth, tried some juiced deli double beyond extra everything maps and it was butter, even opening legions in em.

rx 590
ryzen 3600
Counting all the azzholes in the room..... iam definitely not alone
Framerate is locked @120 which is my monitor hz when turning this on.

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