3.17.4 Patch Notes

laggy as fuck since patch

stash tab dropdown list is squished

Good evening, Admins. Just now I finished updating the Path more than 5gb. When I went to enter it gave this error here. What should I do?
Yeah, as other folks in this thread have reported, the stash tab dropdown menu has been reduced to a fraction of its normal width, making it almost unusable. I trust a fix for this will be released soon.

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Interesting editions to the game but at the same time. Latency issues are becoming an issue, several times have I died because of it and I am just fed up with it. I am also assuming this issue is coming from either or both of these two factors, overflowed servers or the patch messed something up.

Either way, I am going to ease on playing for a bit until it is fixed. :(
The only improvement that I noticed is that I no longer get long loading screens to my own hideout or areas that I've recently been in (integrated graphics, vulcan, standalone client), which is great because trading in was a pain when my own hideout was my enemy.

I can't get past the loading screen for Karui Shores on any of the clients on dx12. I am not running any launch options.
ty for ubdate
To answer your question
- Has any exile really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
The answer is yes and boldly.

HT+game Multithread bug still here


HT off

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RIP Hardcore. Can't engage in maps. opened mob box and frames dropped to 5 per second for 10- seconds till I died. Unable to control my character.
Reloaded everything. First thing I checked is my C drive isn't full (making sure my drive is good at 85% capacity). Next I went to steam and right clicked POE and checked game for eerrors. No issues found. Loaded game up and went into Kirak map and within 5 seconds my game completely crashed.

Not upset. Just might be offline from POE until next weekend. Love this game and I get with big updates (5GB Update finished today at noon for me which was roughly 10 hours ago) There will be bugs and errors and server issues.

I'll be back Exiles. Till then.
ty finally I will not be wasting 1 portal to exit and reenter map to do metamorph on elder guardian
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