3.17.4 Patch Notes

maxtraxv3 wrote:
SuperDrop wrote:
oh come on. still lag, multithreading still broken. i have tryed both win 7 and win 10. same bs

i quess i7 now is too old now.

dont try windows 7, dont multi thread a intel cpu there strength has ALWAYS been single core performance.

have you tryed capping your FPS to 60, so the client doesnt wanna try to burn you cpu with useless back gound things that doesnt improve the game in way on lower end pc?

this bs is going on since january patch. ofc i have done that.. kinda doubt that i have low end pc. i can run escape from tarkov high quality without any stuttering or lag free. poe is wack.
fk archnemesis.
Nice, I'm getting 25 more fps, keep up the good work!
My game immediately crashes with the new patch? Is anyone else having this issue? I tried uninstalling and re - installing from scratch. I play through Steam
maxtraxv3 wrote:
xcomputerseu wrote:
Thanks for the undocumented Hide Remove-Only Tabs fix.
it was documented.

Where please?
My mirror thread https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2756556
3gb update- wtf
Blurry as hell and sometimes missing textures with DX12. Less FPS around 10-15 frames.
I feel like I already read those patch notes for 3.17.3... hmm...
Where is HDR? ;)
Windows 8 PC 1 - Crashes on opening PoE at the GGG logs.

Windows 10 PC 2 - Crashes intermittently as I play - usually when the screen gets full of Expedition or the new eldritch minions.

Windows 9 PC 3 - unplayable slide-show - was smooth as glass before. No settings changed. When I try Vulcan it simply crashes when I select it.

Me and the kids like playing PoE together - only my best gaming PC runs it now, and it still crashes every map at least once.
Im a Mac User and now I have 30fps with m1 chip when before the updated i got 70+ and now looks really bad.

I love when you write "Improved support for integrated graphics cards." maybe some department need a little raise in theirs salary..

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