[3.18] Cold Reap Occultist | Crunch Supreme ❄️

This is a guide meant for the people looking to play a second build, as this does not contain a strict leveling section because I myself transitioned into this after playing EOW Occy. However, I will provide resources to help level an Occy.

HUGE DISCLAIMER! Ashes of the Stars is currently made into a chase item worth over 25 EXALTS and the Awakened gems in the main link are also at a premium.. In the current state in the economy I would suggest against playing this build UNLESS you drop Ashes yourself and the Awakened gems go down in price!

Version History: Last updated 07.05.2022

- Added gear, jewels, gems and notes;
- Compiled budget and aspirational POBs;
- Cleaned up hyperlinks and created playlists;
- Working on de-clutter and notes;
- Updated Map showcase video;
- Added Maven video to End-Game-Bosses playlist (I am terrible at Maven);
- Added personal gear below budget gear;
- Added crafting section for end-game gear (currently wand/gloves);
- Combined aspirational POB with my personal POB;
- Updated personal gear section, removed budget gear section (it was bugging out the post);
- Updated guide format to reflect changes made;
- Added Breachlord Invite to Maven playlist and a video for +2 wand crafting process in End Game Gear section;
- Added the last 3.17 video, which is an updated map showcase /w aspirational gear in Cemetery.

What is Reap and why should you play it?

Reap is a skill that costs life and swipes a scythe across an area. It gains blood charges when an enemy doesn't die and each charge increases the life cost and damage of Reap. With Unleash, Spell Cascade and a fair bit of area of effect scaling, it can cover a large area.
It's an incredibly fun skill to use in conjunction with Herald of Ice due to the crunchy explosions while mapping and near instant screen-clear without Profane Bloom. Do be aware that you should boss having at least 1 Seal active!


+ Semi-stun, chill/freeze/shock and Temp Chains immune.
+ Amazing clear speed due to AoE scaling and Herald of Ice explosions.
+ Decent boss damage without gem swaps.
+ Enough defense to ignore Citrus and semi-juiced map content.
+ Fairly tanky due to both Determination and Defiance Banner providing us with upwards of 45-50K Armour with Molten Shell, Aegis Aurora and Divine Shield.
+ Max attack / spell block /w Glancing Blows.
+ Temporal Rift.
+ Flasks live their own life.

- Not a starter and wouldn't recommend it for HC.
- Requires a fair bit of cast speed to feel good for boss fights.
- Reap has a dead zone on the hilt of the scythe, hitting with that nets next to no damage.
- Isn't quick in terms of movement speed before some investment.
- Due to Glancing Blows, some miscellaneous spells can one-shot.
- Can have trouble with damage over time.

Link to budget POB:
https://pastebin.com/hBNivqn5 - Last updated 23.02.2022
Damage is per overlapping seal, expect to hit much harder than shown.

Link to personal/aspirational POB:
https://pastebin.com/HrRMbVMJ - Last updated 19.03.2022

3.17 VIDEOS:
Build power varies from video to video due to upgrades and new techniques being implemented into the build. I hope to level them out as time goes on.

Goofing around: https://bit.ly/Goofing-with-Aegis
Juiced Cemetery showcase (aspirational gear included): https://bit.ly/Juiced-Cemetery-Showcase
Juiced Strand showcase: https://bit.ly/Juiced-Strand-Showcase
Maven Invitations playlist: https://bit.ly/Maven-invitations
End Game Bosses playlist: https://bit.ly/End-game-bosses
Elderslayer playlist: https://bit.ly/Elderslayers
Shaper Guardian playlist: bit.ly/Shaper-guardians



Anointment and Enchants
-We want to Anoint Infused and have the +1 Blood Charge Enchant on our helmet;
-For boots the options include 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've killed recently | Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you've not killed recently | Regenerate 2% of Life if hit recently;
-For gloves Commandment of Reflection is amazing because it creates a copy of you when hit and takes heat away from you during a pack pile-up.

As for Ascendancy order - Void Beacon, Frigid Wake, Forbidden Power and Malediction. If you're able to afford Forbidden Flesh / Flame, options include Heart of Destruction, Bastion of Elements, Commander of Darkness.

Needed Gear
Skin of the Lords is hard to beat, even with a Frenzy/Spellcrit/+1 curse chest piece. It helps us level all our Awakened Gems and Reap, as well as giving us a helping of armor. Here we're looking for 4B1R1G (4B2R if you're using Empower) and Divine Shield as keystone.
If there are no Divine Shield appropriate colors for this chest piece, look for ones with a different keystone that does not impact the build, for example, Doomsday | Arrow Dancing | Point Blank etc. You are only missing out on 1 passive point, which isn't an issue.

Ashes of the Stars is incredibly strong, providing us with +1 to All Active skills, 20% generic reservation efficiency and the best of all - up to 30% additional gem quality to All Active skills.

Void Battery because we're stacking Power charges and it grants us cast speed and spell damage per charge.

Aegis Aurora helps us with resistances, as well as increasing our Cold resistance to 80%. Best of all, it instantly gives us 2% of our armor back as Energy Shield on Block.

As for rares, we want:
- A curse on hit ring, be it Frostbite or Ele Weakness;
- Your gloves should have 25% Physical Converted to Cold (if you're able to snag one of those 60% Conversion gloves, you can get a different Watcher's Eye). Should also try to get Unnerve and Cold Exposure on those;
- Mana reservation efficiency on the helmet, 2nd implicit is up to you;
- The rest of your rare gear should help cap resistances, give life and energy shield. Boots benefit from Onslaught and/or Elusive.

Clusters and other Jewels
On the Militant Faith we're mostly looking for Area damage OR Elemental damage, Aura Effect, All Elemental Resistances. The modifiers with Devotion are static, you can divine the jewel for Dominus after.

As for the Watcher's Eye, core mod is Phys to Cold conversion, any Determination/Hatred mod alongside it works.

All large clusters should be 8 passives, the Spell Damage large uses all 3 notables, while the Cold large uses just two (before purchasing the cluster, import it in POB to check if the unused notable goes at the back of the cluster, otherwise do not purchase it). If you can't afford a tri-notable one, get one with just Blast-Freeze and Doryani's Lesson - this means you will lack 2 pts but it's not a major issue.
We use one Area Damage medium and a Crit Chance medium to help with AoE and capping crit.
The small Armor cluster guarantees we're almost always on 3 Endurance charges.

- Buy a T1 cast speed fractured wand base;
- Use a 4 socket resonator with Shuddering, Corroded, Jagged and Metallic to hit +1 All and a nice Spell Damage roll (keep an openix suffix and prefix)
- Bench Cannot Roll Attack mods and buy an Augment Physical (this gets us 100% +1 Phys)
- Block prefixes with bench craft and harvest reforge Caster more likely for Spell Crit
- If you hit a decent Spell Crit roll, bench Crit Multi.
Here's a video depicting the process!https://bit.ly/Phys-Wand-Crafting

- Buy a base with Cold res/Damage to Chilled Temple mod and double T3+ resistances
- Influence them so you can add and remove mods in prefixes with Eldritch Exalt/Annul
- Get flat Life and hybrid Life
- Bench craft 25% Physical to Cold Conversion
- Use Grand or Greater Ichor for Cold conversion and use Orbs of Conflict until you have 35% Physical to Cold
- Use Greater or Grand Embers for Unnerve


6-Link: Reap - Awakened Spell Cascade - Awakened Cold Penetration - Awakened Unleash - Power Charge on Critical - Increased Critical Strikes

Awakened Unleash and Spell Cascade are extremely cheap this league, no reason not to use them. Unleash provides us with overlaps while Cascade provides the area and subsequently an overlap here and there as well.
Once you're ready to invest into the build you should get a new Skin of the Lords that has 4B2R to hotswap Empower (preferably lv4, since Skin increases its level by +2) in place of Cold Penetration.

Pseudo 4-Link: Hydrosphere - Onslaught | Tempest Shield - Temporal Rift

If you're not using 60% conversion gloves - use Storm Brand (because you can get exposure on glove implicit), otherwise use Hydrosphere.
As for Temporal Rift and Tempest Shield, keep them unlinked from Onslaught, Tempest Shield otherwise gets increased reservation, which we don't want.
Temporal Rift acts like a rewind button for when things hit the fan and you want out asap. (If you've played League of Legends, you'll know this is what Echo's ultimate does)

4-Link: Determination - Enlighten lv3 - Hatred - Herald of Ice

An Enlighten 3/4 is quite a lavish upgrade which allows you to squeeze in Temporal Rift - if you can't afford it, don't use Temp Rift and instead have a low level Vitality.

Pseudo 4-Link: Vaal Molten Shell - Lifetap lv1 - Increased Duration - Assassin's Mark

Assassin's Mark and Molten Shell are linked to Lifetap to not strain the low mana reserves. We keep Molten Shell on left click to have it up whenever it's off cooldown. Lifetap is kept at lv1 because we only want the Lifetap buff, which gives our Life flask more recovery during it.

3-Link Shield: Vortex - Bonechill - Unbound Ailments

Pretty straightforward, we use Vortex so anyone that walks on it takes more damage from Reap while in the chilling area.

3-Link Wand: Defiance Banner - Flame Dash - Arcane Surge lv5

Flame Dash helps upkeep Arcane Surge, which grants us more Spell damage and a bit of mana regen to help keep the mana pool topped off.

Because of Ashes of the Stars, alt qualities and base qualities benefit us greatly - here are some to look out for as you upgrade the build:

Anomalous Defiance Banner; Divergent Arcane Surge; Anomalous Molten Shell; Anomalous Assassin's Mark; Divergent Bonechill; Divergent Power Charge on Crit; Anomalous OR Divergent Tempest Shield, Divergent Temporal Rift; Anomalous Onslaught.



Since we're a build that relies on both being hit and stacking power charges, for a more hands free playstyle you'd want flasks with Gain X Charges When Hit in Prefixes. Alternatively, x% Chance to Gain Charges When You Crit.

For suffixes we want armour, cast speed, critical strike chance, Bleed Immunity. If you feel that you don't need the additional critical strike chance on Diamond flask, feel free to get Ignite or Poison Immunity.

Other flask options include Topaz, Ruby, Basalt (in exchange for the Taste of Hate or even your life flask if you wanna use Temporal Rift as one).


Reservation: 30% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills
Armour: Determination has 25% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency
Cold: 40% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold
Life: 10% increased maximum Life
Life: 15% reduced Life Cost of Skills

Other options include:

Armour and Energy Shield: Defend with 120% of Armour while not on Low Energy Shield
Block: 3% increased Spell Damage per 5% Chance to Block Spell Damage
Shield: 20% Chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments while holding a Shield


Kill all Bandits.

For upper Pantheons, I like Brine King so we don't get stunlocked due to constantly blocking. For lower Pantheons, Abberath is nice for burning ground since Fire is the only element the build doesn't truly cover.

Resources for Leveling an Occy:

Zizaran's video on Shakcentral's Cold DOT Occy https://bit.ly/Shakcentral-Cold-DOT

Subtractem's video on a Bane/ED Occy that's also a great option if you want to fizzle with something else while leveling, it's also what I used as a starter last league https://bit.ly/Subtractem-Bane
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Last bumped on Jun 23, 2022, 10:41:39 AM
Guide is currently under construction.

To do list:
- Add more videos
- Add gems and gear
- Add notes
- Flesh out concepts
- Compile two POBs (one for budget, one for aspirational upgrades)
- Add gear options

Things I'm occupied with:
- Crafting gear
- Figuring out better forms of defence
- Reducing clunkiness in the build
- More crunch
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Going to try this build once I get enough exalts for the body armour!
Last edited by WhaleRum on Feb 23, 2022, 12:20:47 AM
Hi, I was curious if there were any updates and how you were finding it?

I leveled an occultist this weekend, feels a little underpowered at the moment doing alched T16s, but still only 81 and missing the medium cluster jewels and timeless jewel - hoping all that and some better optimized items will get me there.

Surprisingly not as squishy as I would have thought, with decent phy dmg reduction and 75/75 block (glancing) it feels nice.

I've done some physical assassin reaps and this feels way better so far. Thanks!

I've made some leaps in gear and have comfortably been doing juiced content. End-game bosses are a complete joke outside Uber Elder and Maven (I've not fought them enough to make it a childrens playground like Sirus, the damage is there I'm simply mechanically braindead).

Thus far defensively my only concerns are one-shot prevention and some of my ideas have been implemented in the aspirational POB that goes Melding of the Flesh for 80% ele res cap.

The core concept doesn't allow for a lot of flexibility in terms of increasing Area of Effect radius to at least 35 to get another overlap, I'm pretty much juggling between 30 and 32.

As for feeling underpowered in T16s, you're missing the chest piece and therefore another 2 levels for Reap. It scales incredibly well with gem levels. (I still have my old one that's 4B1R1G with Divine Shield, can @TakaneLuiBodyPillow in game if you're interested in taking it off my hands for like 80c). Gem levels in your main link and quality also play a part. Keep in mind the map showcase video used all the items found in the Budget Gear section.
Yeah was looking, your gear is pretty sweet. I've been lazy and stuck with hrimsorrow, working on getting the 60% conversion on some ok gloves, how painful was rolling that 35% ichor?

Have a nice watchers with a non-conversion hatred mod, but maybe I'll just get a conversion one for now so I can swap out the gloves.

Realize my body armor is the same thing I hit with an alch while in acts and just left cause I was gonna replace with a lords. I'll definitely take you up on that lords, still leveling an empower.

Currently level 93 and can definitely make some upgrades (still need to buy a level 3 enlighten and switch to the empower setup) but everything is a breeze so far. My single target is still not where I think it could be but I can do most bosses deathless. Loving the build and it's super satisfying with all the shatters. Not really sure what else I can upgrade aside from the things I mentioned before.

Anyways, thanks for the build!
settonull99 wrote:
Yeah was looking, your gear is pretty sweet. I've been lazy and stuck with hrimsorrow, working on getting the 60% conversion on some ok gloves, how painful was rolling that 35% ichor?

Have a nice watchers with a non-conversion hatred mod, but maybe I'll just get a conversion one for now so I can swap out the gloves.

Realize my body armor is the same thing I hit with an alch while in acts and just left cause I was gonna replace with a lords. I'll definitely take you up on that lords, still leveling an empower.

I got it to 35% within 8 Orbs of Conflict. Everyone after me is getting the cheapest and most deterministic way of creating items in the end game gear crafting section of the guide. Because I spent nearly 80ex on my gloves because I was trying to do them in a different way, only to find that the implicit conversion blocks the unveiled conversion.

I figured I was on a massive dry streak, but I was never gonna hit the mod to begin with :D. The gloves can be made with around 20ex.
I'm all for people taking the guide more as a guideline than anything. Experiment with it, find what you want the build to do and strive to achieve that. My last leagues EOW Occy was improved by someone this league and they made it into an absolute monstrosity both offensively and defensively.

My job is to only throw some puzzle pieces on the table and have people assemble them the way they think they should be assembled.

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