3.17.0 Hotfix 9

Why isnt there an update for the console launch yet? Its supposed to start in about 40min(in game countdown) and yet there is still no patch to download or an explanation/announcement in the forum.

It's in 4 hours? But yes, that there hasn't been any Announcement and such in the console forum is weird.
pls GGG, fix performance. I dropped almost 100 fps this leauge, and i get huge frame drops when a lot of enemies are on screen.
Fixed a bug where your first Maven Invitation for the 10 boss encounter was not guaranteed to drop after collecting 10 bosses. For players who missed this guaranteed drop, it can be obtained by completing any Tier 14+ Map while having 10 or more bosses collected.

Not fixed...
Currently 14/10 Maven no invitation dropping right now. Not sure if having sextant mod causing conqueror maps to drop had anything to do with it.
can anyone confirm on abyss bug?i just had 2 abysses stop moving and close

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