3.17.0 Hotfix 9

bvanharjr wrote:
Speaking of bugs, when are the performance bugs getting squashed that this patch created?

+1 for multithread bug :(
Blight map are still unusable in almost end of the first week?REALLY?????
edelk21 wrote:
I think this patch broke defiance banner. Getting no benefit for armour or evasion.

I can confirm that Defiance Banner is not working at all, at least not visually. Worth looking into, I think.

Edit: Oh, never mind. Seems to be working now?
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blighted maps fix plz :(
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
RasputinOP wrote:
Modcheck "No life/mana cost while focused" craft? Anyone playing CF cannot progress further than a 5 link without it....

i am also waiting for the mod to finally appear, i'm literally stuck with my build because of this...
It would be great to have fix for the blight maps.

I have many atlas points specialized to blight and can't run the strategy!
blight maps fix WHEN
spaceace7373 wrote:
Goodnametaken wrote:
Hey! Fix the Blight bug! The entire mechanic is unplayable right now. It should be priority number ONE.

blight is core and not the league. so they will fix it when they decide to get around to it.

myself, i've run around 12 blighted maps already and have had zero issues. so it's not a global issue to start with

This is not a question of being 'core' or 'league', the question is if it's a bug or not which it is .Do a lot of people include blight as their main or one of the currency farming strategies? yes they do.Are there players who like blight just as content? Yes, there are.
Hence this bug should be prioritized. At least GGG should address this and tell us what's their current status regarding this. Guess that's not a big ask, cheers.
Where's blight fix?

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