Over the weekend, we launched Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas. We're pleased to report that deployment was extremely smooth with no major issues! We also hit a new record for peak concurrent players at 270,260! We are closely monitoring feedback and reports and will keep you updated this week as we start to formulate lists of coming improvements.

The Boss Kill Event is well underway, with many of the top prizes already taken. The following players have already managed to defeat The Maven, The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds in the Hardcore Solo Self-found Archnemesis League:
  • #1 Darkee
  • #2 Steelmage
  • #3 Dsfarblarwaggle
  • #4 Karvarousku
  • #5 Fiskrens
  • #6 Dslily
  • #7 xtrmspd
  • #8-#10 are still up for grabs!

Congratulations to all of the winners so far with a special shout-out to Darkee who has taken home a number of bonus prizes from this event also. We'll announce the full results later this week once the event has concluded.

Over the weekend, we also released the new Gem Stash Tab and Flask Stash Tab as well as the Harmony Mystery Box. Get yours here or check out the trailer below.

In just a few days, we'll also be launching Siege of the Atlas on Xbox and PlayStation.

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us for launch!
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Grinding Gear Games
Great league so far, loving the changes to the atlas. The region-system just sucked.
hopefully you wont take too long to "fix" some things like the archnemesis storage.
GJ GGG! well done!
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Well, at least Ziz can relax now!

Also, good job on the launch, GGG Teams! Really nicely done, though I still wish for a Recipe Book or something...
his name is ben
Congrats. GGG!
thank you for your work. i think this patch is really good and the league is very rewarding and fun !

the only feedback that i can give are these

1: for the league.. please try to find way to give us the event stones after x amount of monsters killed in map instead of random on mobs.. or maybe mark them like metamorph because sometimes 1 rare or magic monster survive and hide someone in map and its abit annoying to search for it ^^

2: for future updates.. please look into rare items drop and reduce the amount of useless rare items dropping and make it more reasonable to find really good and worth picking up rare items that are not required crafting from scratch ^^

3: please consider giving us an easy to make make ingame built filter like last epoch this especially important with the current situation of rares.. not everyone is good at making their own filter from another filter..
i think good and easy to use built in filter will greatly improve the gameplay experience for less experienced players .

4: consider to rework crafting in the game.. and make it easier to engage with for not veteran players.. and more casual ones.. consider most of the crafting into 1 bench instead of many and still expanding crafting ways and benches that greatly confuses people.. and require months to learn.,
please give us ingame modes that can be crafted on items or make it more simple and easier to remember and without lots of tricky stuff like bases and item lvl and so many tiers.. and different numbers of tiers for each stat... and make it more straightforward ... the current crafting in PoE is so important but new and casual players cant really get into it.. because of the time required to understand it and then remembering options and then using PoE DB and craft of exile. i think that the main issue in POE is that its not friendly for new players and it keep new players from joining.. .i think making it abit more simple will bring alot of new players to the game!
and making atlas more simple and breaking record is a prof for that.. while some veterans want the complicted stuff i think 99% of players wish PoE will be abit less clunky .

5: and this is very personal opinion.. i think you should consider some system as bad luck protection in loot boxes or ways to do anything with duplicated to maybe secure 1 item after many boxes .

all in all great direction and i love this update thanks !
Storage in ArchN seems really restrictive. Worse than Legacy was. Worse than Synthesis. Thanks for not making them drops though... that was wise. But they're meant to be saved for recipes and you didn't give us a manner of saving them.

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