Will Scourge Become a Core Path of Exile Mechanic?

No more Krangler? Good riddance!
Garf412 wrote:
feb? when 8 other major game titels are releasing long awaited gamesd? nice... #slowclap.
Now that's new.
katchou wrote:
mrpibadi wrote:

Additional to this:
Delete Delirium (or fix the FPS DROP FFS)
Delete Lab
Delete Heist
Delete 10 ACTs
Delete Harvest

Give us ADVENTURE mode like Diablo 3 have.

How about play that game with boring and unimaginative adventure mode instead?
Inscaped wrote:
How about play that game with boring and unimaginative adventure mode instead?

Do Story every time you need de Character, Extremely Boring.
The leveling is so awfull, crappy and frustrating.

Do Lab for Enchant for spe and Enchant.... pffff
Do Heist is .... crappy
Mine .... no mine is fun i like it
Delirious ..... need a Nuclear power plant to do it at 60FPS
... and so many more negative point to me

Scourge it's my last time in this game, the invest in time is too much and the reward is too poor.

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Why not :(
The short answer is no. We don't have any current plans to bring Scourge back.


It may still return some time in the future but we can't give any current indications for when that might be or what Scourge would look like as core game content.

No. Just, no.
"I have come here to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all out of bubble gum." ~ Roddy Piper (They Live)

I like how the "Core" game of Path of Exile, the "Standard" league, is completely a dumpster y'all just hate on. I've yet to see a core version of the game to use as reference for the leagues.

I would play in standard league but then I will miss all the new content when you decide it is unworthy for standard while you let the items dump happen at the temporary league end to mess up the economy. So the items are ok but the gameplay is not... thanks. People like me invest money into the service you provide, that you then take away the service.

Getting my characters builds erased over and over while you balance for the temporary league, not the standard game of path of exile, is a joke. It has been over 10 years for y'all to learn how to use math to balance a game. Your so worried about taking away broken shit from players at league ends and hurting some poor and weak ass feelings of the top 1% that your pissin off and pissing on the other 99%.

SSF "but" they have to play online has to be the biggest scam. Pushin an irrelevant identity crisis as a game mode was more important than so many other options or things to do kinda shows who is in charge now. How do you know they are SSF, they will tell you how SSF they are...
Good Move
Yeah i can get behind this. i think this definitely could be a thing, but it needs fleshed out a bit more.
guys hard bashing scourge gonna cry for six link next league.

ggg needs more nerf.

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