As we mentioned recently, we're expecting to launch our 3.17 expansion in early February which means that the ongoing Scourge Challenge League will end fairly soon. It prompts the question, will Scourge become a core Path of Exile mechanic?

The short answer is no. We don't have any current plans to bring Scourge back. It may still return some time in the future but we can't give any current indications for when that might be or what Scourge would look like as core game content.

In case you have unfinished challenges in this league, there are still a few weeks left to complete them before we say goodbye to The Last to Die and send the Scourge back to where they came from.
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feb? when 8 other major game titels are releasing long awaited gamesd? nice... #slowclap.
krangle why? krangle how? krangle who?
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No double maps anymore ;)
3.17 start date when
Good decision! Scourge is not in a place where it´s ready to be core-content and honestly with the new "competition" of mechanics when it comes to passive points on the atlas only the best mechanics should be considered going core. With the crangled mechanic that is not satisfying for a lot of players, no meaningful endgame encounter or other additional values of the mechanic it would feel very lackluster and I fully support the decision not to introduce it into the core game for now. :)
POE 3.17 is also a long awaited game. So yeah, your point?

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