The Delirium Everywhere Event Starts Soon

Nelhyss wrote:
Vermiflux wrote:
quote from the Events announcement post:
Almost every campaign and endgame map area has permanent Delirium fog, ranging randomly from 1% to 100% Delirium

i love that cause i'm a slow motion dude!
i'll enjoy the buffed packs & density everywhere, coupled with a no need to zoomzoom!

Slow life brother, fuck timers.

I concur.
I guess it's either 1 or 48,000. Nothing in between, right?
I would've loved if Scourge followed the Everywhere Event format for the whole League, it would've changed the whole map and mobs to keep it fresh and DOOM-like without having to min-max at a microparticle pixel level the gauge use.

Like killing Roas is fun for the first few times but after that please Oh GGGOD can't you add more flavor that isn't Breach styled.

It feels like having a significant portion of the new league mechanic fun cut off in my case and I need to progress to enjoy the next dose of it, like wtf.
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Too bad developers cant understand what word event means in gaming. Adding some content on top of all content.

"scourge is not active" wtf
But why voided?
MunQQ wrote:
does anyone actually like delirium?

Players mostly like the rewards and that it layers with other map mechanics.

The mirrors can be fun to stay ahead of but an actual Delirium map is just mob spam.

It's probably the main reason Ultimatum didn't go core yet.
I was doing Delirium Influenced maps with Alva and the reward layering was amazing.
"Never trust floating women." -Officer Kirac
I like Delirium.
Does anyone know whether we get to hear the Strange Voice, even though there's no mirrors - or is that constrained to the mirror interaction? [When Delirium league was a thing it took my FPS below 1, so I didn't get to experience it then, sadly]
hatex2 wrote:
Is the delirium enabled in places like Delve and Alva temple? Like literally everywhere? That would be pretty cool.

PS. Any chance for a synthesis flaskback event in January?

It is very likely synthesis will be core on the expansion in february, so they prb wont have it as an event before the release.
But why voided?

My only guess is that these kind of events are test fields that possibly can hold some less predictable abuses/bugs. And yeah, no one cares much about STD players, which is sad.
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Have fun everyone :)

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