Happy New Year! A 2021 Retrospective

Happy New Year GGG!

Can we all make a New Year's resolution to get rid of the toxic Reddit minority?
When are you going to start contracting people that is not from your country??
*12091803918098 censored comments
*still no cross-platform play because f your friendslolol

Had a blast this past year. Had to skip expedition, but had my best leagues ever with the other ones.

Keep up with the good work.

Really hyped for the next expansion.

Cheers and happy new year from the Ainz Ooal Gown guild!
hope 2022 add more harvest craft and less gamble, and finally remove the need to use a discord to buy crafts
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I am very happy for all your accomplishments but you have to improve Sirus without delay. Shame on you. Happy New Year Natalie and company.
Hey guys, just wanted to say I had a really enjoyable year with Path of Exile!

Was away for a trip during first month of Expedition, so I never really felt what the uber nerfs were like, but that was probably my favorite league of the entire year(not core game, just league)

I think grouping of smaller items(portal and wisdom scrolls) was my favorite QOL since tab affinities were introduced.

I get 40/40 a lot, so Ult league had in my opinion, the worst challenges I've ever seen. I was were glad what you did with the Scourge challenges, they seemed a lot more thoughtful in terms of respecting the players time.

Really glad you did another Halloween picture whiteboard.

I really enjoyed the live casts Chris did when people were upset about the state of the core game. I know a lot of people joke on Chris and "vision", but I love getting to watch Chris interact with the community, I don't always agree with him, but you can tell how passionate he is about this game.

Things I would like to see that probably will never happen in terms of QOL. A way to drag your inventory to sell or put it away instead of single clicks. I bought a vertical mouse this year and that helps my wrist, as well as the previously mentioned grouping of smaller items, but even less clicks to sell items to vendors or put them into a tab would be nice.

Well that's enough rambling, I really enjoyed the game this past year and look forward to see what you bring us next year.

More pets for challenge rewards too, please.
That warcry bug is the funniest shit ever, literally.
new year, new nerfs!
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