Happy New Year! A 2021 Retrospective

happy new year ggg and thanks for all the free fun my friends and me had in 2021 :)
finally, looking forward to play poe with my old c64 joystick!!11 controler support ftw.
An uneven ride but certainly a constant in my own gameplay time. Mostly very good.
random7 wrote:
I wish that a reward for completing act 10 would be an ex drop for me. As a casual player, once I finish act 10 I have to normalize my res, get at least 4 links in all slots and then look for a 6 link. The last 4 leagues I leveled 2-3 chars thru to act 10 looking for one ex to drop. None ever did, I was getting destroyed in the first 2-3 maps so I quit playing.

I realize there is room for abuse but that is from those who will abuse anything. As a casual player, if I cannot complete t1-t3 maps, there is no where to go, no where to farm, no where to progress. With a 1 ex drop I can get at least a 5l, even tho it won't carry me far.

But at least it will keep me playing more.

There is something wrong with your Build if you get destroyed in white Maps and there is other ways to fix it, rather than buying a 5L for 1ex. Its possible to transfer from Campaign to White Maps in SSF so its possible for sure in Trade League. Without an Ex Investment.
Thank you GGG and Happy New Year to all of you (GGG staff and players)!
Happy New Year GGG & everyone else!
Happy New Year GGG :)

Waiting for Trialmaster, miss this badass guy.
That was great year, so i wish GGG and every one else another good one!
We improved clicking.

should be in all caps
Happy New Year dear GGG! Wish you all the best <3
Happy new year and more good content for POE, thanks alot for all <3

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