Happy New Year! A 2021 Retrospective

We improved clicking ...

Thank you GGG for all you do, POE is the only game that keeps innovating and growing. Absolutely thrilled to be a part of this community
Still need to improve clicking. HNY!
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Azorien wrote:
Mouse clicking improvement is so minor I am not sure if it would deserve a mention even if you listed 100 things you did last year. There is something really wrong with this game ergonomically. Even after placing all the skills on keyboard and only having "move only" on my mouse it still feels very mouse heavy. Games that have movement on keyboard feel much better.

the move key is the key you press the most in these games, so if you put the key you use the most on the mouse its gonna feel mouse heavy.

most people put move on the mouse, this is a bad choice that damages their mouse hand and their mouse, but they do it out of habit.

if you want to take pressure off your mouse and mouse hand, which everyone who plays a lot of games probably should, then put your move key on your keyboard, because as you have just pointed out games that have moment on the keyboard feel better.

you said it yourself but then you did the opposite.
- So Ritual is 2020 league? That mean 0 good leagues for me in 2021.
- 8,5 post per week? Yes, nice progress. What a surprise when you post 2 new MTXs per day :D
- Record number players? And how many of them are bots? :D And where is record in players drop? From 150k steam players is now 7,5?
- 15th anniversary you can rename to Gamble Gear Games ... its much more correct. Bcs nobody grind gear, but just grind currency for buy top items from trade XD Or more easy way - buy currency for real money ;) But gamble is everywhere ... MTX boxes, irl merch boxes, craft, monster hits XD
- And Royale? Players like it? Good player base on it? Yes? :)
kevagain wrote:
poe 2 release date when?

12 june 2026.

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