[3.17] 👑PoE on Steroids: ✨Flicker Strike✨ CoC Ice Nova / Spear ❄️ - S-Tier T16s, Sirus, map/boss ✔️

Hello Flickers!

Loving this build so far. I utilized crucible for Cospri to ditch the Usurpers helmet and took dual evasion ring attributes in order to grab EV/ES mastery bonus #3.

Looking on my next direction to min/max - jewels maybe? Different helm? Not sure. GL out there! This is my most profitable league ever and enjoying it!

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Diacred wrote:
YuhaKiiva wrote:
is this still a viable build ?

It is, I played it last league and farmed deli 80 with it. Here is my write up on the subject (copy-pasted from reddit). You have 4 pobs, one very cheap (< 5 div) and then you can see the progression to 80+ div, going from 500k DPS to ~6M.

Also this league you can forgo to helmet and use a cospri with "flickerstrike uses power charge instead of frenzy charges" which is amazing and would free the helmet slot for a real helmet.
Probably gonna play it again this league as a league ending build where I pour all my currency.

I am triggering Ice nova as a main skill and Phantasmal frostbolt / Divergent creeping frost in Cospri.

Frenzies are maintained using the helmet "Usurper's Penance" which gives ~25% chance to get a frenzy on crit at close range which is pretty much all the time and counts for spells too. It is impossible to run out of frenzy charges even with only 3 max charges. Very comfy. Only maps hard to run are "monsters steal charges" (but doable) and reflect (quasi impossible)

If you want more info:

This is a low life build so you can use Shavronne, but I personally go with Coruscating Elixir + The traitor keystone from Brutal Restraint which gives you pretty much perma flask (coruscating and topaz / sapphire flask are actually permanent even in hideout, just not the quicksilver / granite). This frees up the body armour slot and you can use anything you want. I chose Ghostwrithe because it gives an insane amount of ES + Chaos resist and it's very cheap even with double corruption (10 div for +3 gem lvl).

I also use a Forbidden Flame/Flesh with Soul Drinker (energy shield overleech from trickster) which makes you absolutely insanely tanky. It's also very inexpensive somehow. I've also tried with "One Step Ahead" Forbidden F/F to be immune to slow / stun, etc... But it didn't feel tanky enough in high deli juiced maps.

The watcher's eye (~1 div with just es on hit mod) is fairly major for tankyness but not necessary I played without it last league.

Mana cost are handled with 2 elreon's craft on rings + a flask with reduced mana cost of skills during effect. The flask is very important for damage uptime.

PoBs with budget and gear progression:

Base PoB ~20-30 div (any belt + 1 passive tree flask wheel for perma flask): https://pobb.in/CEBomkDE89gb

Mid investment PoB ~50 div (micro-distillery belt for permaflask): https://pobb.in/l6x8nCHM1UQ9

Higher investment PoB ~80+ div (ashes of the star + micro-distillery belt or HH, I use HH for high deli and micro-distillery belt for other content): https://pobb.in/n825mSNpYEHw

Absolutely not min maxed, lots to improve and I never changed the gloves, I am also lacking a bit of attack speed to be near the breakpoint. It can definitely go higher DPS wise and I am not sure Ashes of the stars was a boost worth its cost.

Here is a video of a T16 high quant map under 2 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSUVFcawsyU

I've been using it to farm 60-80% deli 100% quant maps so it does work very well on maps with high pack size, very satisfying.

You don't need HH at all it's just funnier with it. I also tried to use a double implicit Soulthirst for a while with a cluster jewel for flask duration, worked fairly well but was too spiky for my taste and sometimes you just get too much attack speed which isn't good for CoC, but it still was very fun.

PS: If anybody is interested but doesn't have the currency: here is a very cheap (<5 div) evasion based + 100% spell suppression version: https://pobb.in/i-2dO6bLhzmy

That's what I ran last league but it lacked damage, I was semi-SSF (private league) so hard to come by most of the stuff needed. Still worked quite fine for farming T16. I do think the armour version is better and can be made for less than 10 div too.

I'm confused; you say the base- and mid-investment trees have permanent uptime even in hideout, but PoB shows neither one having 100% minimum even before updating the tree for 3.21; am I missing something?
Research Question #3: Can someone run a high-end version of this build? We're talking 100ex and Mageblood!

It should do swell with Mageblood considering most of the flasks are already magic. I don't think you even need a Granite flask with that much damage + speed..

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Howdy Yall, grab yerselves a drink, it's time for some more path of exile discussion.

TLDR: Is the mageblood version better than the headhunter version? Yes. kinda.

But a mageblood is over twice the cost of a headhunter. Is it twice as good as the headhunter version? No. To me it feels maybe 15-25% better tbh


Ok so first of all this build is my take on adapting the occultist iteration from this guide to 3.21 using a mageblood and focusing on clear speed and not considering any bossing scenarios.

Can you make a bosser from this? Yeah probably. but that's not what this is designed for.

So what does the mageblood buy us for this build? Lets look at the flasks

- bottled faith gives damage, crit, regen (with ZO), and some curse protection. probably bis for unique flasks. especially if you need the crit chance like occultist does

- enough crit to not have to have the watchers eye that gives base crit. we simply take the es on hit alone saving 40-60 div (other leagues its been more to get both those stats on an eye). and it only cost a 200 div belt to get around that price hurdle. so yay i guess

- a bunch of armor and spell leeched as es. taken together these probably let me get away with a lower total ES than some other versions of the build. Since I also managed to get thaumophage on a cluster jewel and have good sustain from the watchers eye, this is probably the most negotiable flask

- armor again and ATTACK SPEED. This flask suffix right here is the exact thing that made me think the mageblood version pulled ahead of the headhunter version. Having a higher minimum attack speed feels SO GOOD on this build. I'll talk more about speed below.

- Move speed and resists. with this we dont have to get any resists on rares and are free to get attributes and other goodies

So circling back to the speed topic. both belts give the same top end speed experience of going fucking super saiyan when one of these things happens:

- acceleration shrine
- echo shrine
- soul eater buff

so naturally we invest in shrines on the atlas tree but to still be able to get soul eater with mageblood we take on the inspired learning jewel. Doing so is a small cost because we now need to take a mana wheel somewhere anyway for the reservation mastery changes.

Conquerer's Efficiency doesn't exist anymore and that's fine we dont need it. Divergent inspired learning and non-channel mana cost on both rings, clever theif and its solved.

so the mageblood version is always very fast and occasionally uber fast.

but the headhunter is fast and commonly uber fast because it steals soul eater more often and keeps it longer.

for this reason I think i would honestly recommend the headhunter version. The gear pressure might be a bit more, but lets get real, we want to feel uber fast as often as possible on a giga build like this.

There are definitely some more ways i could improve upon the pob at the top, but i dont think they'd substantially change what ive already learned.

also(1) i didnt bother getting any crucible trees on this gear because that wont be available going forward and i didnt want to muddy the results of this test.

Also(2) I took profane bloom for even more clear speed because its wildy fucking unethical to play occultist and not take the funnest node in the game.

Also(3) putting a gmp on the cwdt-ballLightning is reeeally good and should probably be mandatory actually

Also(4) i had an enlighten on some of my heavy auras at one point and took it back off, just didnt even need the reservation

Also(5) some of the new masteries are likely buffs for this build

Also(6) I think the next thing to try is to rework this build using the new trickster. Could be giga tanky with ES overleach. Would probably drop armor and go evasion + spell suppression though.

Here was my gear for the curious

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im gonna just leave this here. no big deal..

its just better in every single way..


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