In the upcoming Atlas Invasion event every area in Path of Exile will be invaded by 5 endgame map bosses! The event starts at Noon December 24th PST (which is Dec 24, 2021 3:00 PM (EST) (log in to view in your local time)) and will be running for 10 days. For more information about the prizing check out this announcement or have a look at our event calendar.

We've seen a few people asking whether or not Scourge is an included mechanic in the Atlas Invasion and Delirium Everywhere events. We just wanted to take a moment to clarify that it isn't enabled for those events but you can continue to play in the Scourge League which runs parallel to them.

Twitch Drops will be running for the first day of the Atlas Invasion event. This time you'll be able to receive the Malachai Portal Effect after 2 hours of accumulated watch time on any channel streaming Path of Exile on Twitch during the first day of this event.

If you'd like your Exile to face the horrors of the Atlas in a fancy outfit, this weekend we're hosting a sale on a huge assortment of popular Path of Exile microtransactions, including Celestial, Twilight, Glimmerwood, Angels and Demons and other cosmetic effects. In case you need extra points for this sale, check out the new Core Supporter Packs which were released earlier this week.

Have a great weekend everyone! Come back tomorrow to unwrap your holiday Mystery Box!
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Sweet. Thanks for the portal reminder as well.
This is the one I've been waiting for! Hazaa! Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast


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Don't know how this is going to work, but I doubt most players will finish act I.
Seems good.
Damn, no scourge... I really hope it goes core. So much time not playing it during these events. It has been my favorite league mechanic since delve. Even when endless delving I missed pressing v everywhere..
Is Bob going to be present in the atlas invasion event?
Do you not have Christmas parties, exile ?
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Great. Just don’t make us fight Hillock with Shaper and Elder on the first few seconds after logging in. Lol
I really wish we had a more engaging league than all these random events :(
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?

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