The Atlas Invasion Event Starts Soon

Ok, so I was excited about this...., but true GGG style, they fuck up a perfectly good idea.

Why would you make this event run without Scourge ? This could have been so good... Lost all hype for the Delirium event now as well, as it will probably also be without Scourge. So no point going past lvl 50 on any of these. ffs
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add scourg to deli race pls <3
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if i dont ascenend and just stay my base class will i have a very high win chance?
Why this event during the holidays? Do u people don’t take a leave or smtg? I understand that January will be a dead month and this event could save it! Maybe its just me but i cannot play this event because i m gone for the winter holidays.
Huge thanks for an event. Tired of Scourge league(Thanks God it rip already) and [Removed by Support]. Awaiting for some new events. Merry Christmas and good luck.
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Such a pathetic league experience...

VOIDED temp league that doesn't give players anything interesting.

Whoever decided that the bosses should NOT drop their unique items needs to be removed from the GGG "family" so that we could actually have some fun in this game.

If people want to struggle and work for their gear, they have Scourge league, SSFHC, or even SSF leagues.

This is a VOIDED league, 10 day duration... give people some fun for the love of PoE!!
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Does any one saw HARVEST on the maps? Me and my friend for whole day - NOT?

It's a bug or what? Answer someone pls.
This has been fun, thanks for running it. I will echo what others have said that with this being a void league, it would've been nice to have had bosses spawning with their regular loot tables. Maybe next year. :)
This event was suuuuper fun.
Like others, I wish that Scourge had been a part of it, but wonder if this is something that folks could purchase as a Mod on a private league?

Pretty please? With cherries! And Exiles!

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