Community Designed Microtransaction - Design Options

Dark and Epic Wings Design Options

Three-Headed Creature (Hydra/Dragon/Cerberus)
Black Feather Wings
Asymmetrical, Single Sided Wing
Blade Wings
Arms and Chains
Demon Wings
Poll closed
hard to choose sometime
wow3vietnam wrote:
For me the idea to have wings on your back and can't fly is more like a chicken. I'm more about fancy cloak fan. :D . Unfortunate we dont have any vote option for cloak.

We don't have an option for cloaks because the community already rejected cloaks -
Why everytime only wings and wings and wings and wings and wings ..... Ehhh guys you really still have 6years and watching " Winks " ????
Due to being based and redpilled, i will vote for the least popular option
I could go the single sided wing if it was flowing shadow like the original post said. It could chang directions in the animation, and flow away behind when you're running. I don't love the idea of just one rando wing pointing out one side though.
Arms and chains pls. :)
Wings, wings and wings again.

Three-Headed Creature (Hydra/Dragon/Cerberus) - We literally already have a Hydra wings in shop now

Black Feather Wings - We already have a ton of these. Midnight Pact Wings/Sin
Wings etc

Asymmetrical, Single Sided Wing - Probably alright with potential to be decent but then again you will be paying full price for half a wing.

Blade Wings - Same tons of these. Mystery/Imperator/Primordial Dread etc

Arms and Chains - Already have similar options with Hand wings/Atlas core/Suffering cloak/Miracle wings

Demon Wings - Seriously, just go to microtransaction page and CTRL+F search
Can't wait to see what GGG comes up with

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