Community Designed Microtransaction - Poll #1

Helmet Skin
Weapon Effect
Weapon Skin
Character Effect
A while ago, we hosted a series of polls for the community to collectively design a new microtransaction! This process produced great results and so we're doing it again! For today's poll, you'll decide which microtransaction type we should create! In future polls, we'll narrow down themes and various other options until we get to the final design.

We want to keep things fresh, so because we designed a skill effect last time we've removed it from the options this time around. Use the poll options above to select which type of microtransaction you'd like to see the community design: Helmet, Cloak, Wings, Weapon Effect, Weapon Skin, Shield, Character Effect or Pet.

This poll is available from this time of this post until Tuesday September 20th (PDT) next week. Note that there are several polls running across our other language news posts and we'll tally the results together to determine the outcome.

We look forward to seeing the results!
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Grinding Gear Games
Lets go people
Steam: teemu92
Lets not have ziz make it shark themed again
Some POG wings please and no ugly shark theme influenced by ziz
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Go Team Weapon Skin.
Pet is an option?! Please be a pet! :D
My hideouts: 2257515 2325653

Forum moderation is pathetic.
Hopefully shield mtx goes through, so we can at least try to make the first spirit shield specific mtx and not the bulky melee shield for casters
Write in:
"Jewel Stash Tab" about 1/2 the size of a Quad with tabs (like fragments) and affinities for:
a. Base Jewels
b. Cluster Jewels
c. Abyss Jewels
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