3.16.2b Patch Notes

Ok... I converted my maps. But I didnt get a new Maps tab to recive converted maps. ....SO, Where the hell are gone my removed map ? NO F*^èç_NG INUQUE MAPS LEFT HOI!! ><;
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They will be to the very end, to the right 👉👉👉👉👉 scroll right 👉👉👉👉👉
All tier 10 maps are converted to Crimson Township, and in other tiers similar situation

question is what will happen after next map changes, do all maps from Scourge league tier 10 will also convert to one specific tier 10 map?
So no fix to the reforge defences bug again?
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Miggaletoe wrote:
Immortal leech build is dead. Not sure where it is in the notes, but I think they nerfed it.

They fixed Replica Soul Strike + Offering to the Serpent. It's this one: 'Fixed a bug where reducing maximum Leech amount Per Leech below zero would not prevent life leech.'

Immortal leech itself is still entirely possible, you just have to get a different quiver & compensate for the leech stats you're losing. The gloves will now correctly reduce your leech duration to 2.5s though, so you may want to consider Petrified Blood instead.
my game has stopped working randomly crashing no errors just flashes and gone cant launch game now
Well a Patch which gives you constant crashes after is not what I did expected.

So thanks for nothing ....
still waiting for Reforge defence (in harvest/betrayal fix), league launch was long time ago still exists, still is pain in an as it is =)
so wtf did u do my dudes? game crashes like a minute or two into gameplay... i mean this event lasts a couple of days so can you afford the time to be screwing it up like this? heist is not the most exciting thing ever but hey at least it shouldnt be crashing all the time
Did the hideout decoration thing fixed no heist and exp locker for guild ho?

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