3.16.2b Patch Notes

Immortal leech build is dead. Not sure where it is in the notes, but I think they nerfed it.
Big thx!!
not sure if its intended but the patch also affected self chill mechanics where its now showing 0% self chill effect instead of -30% pre patch.
CTD after this update during intro, anyone else?
Most buff effect modifiers can no longer invert the effect of buffs.

Reverse chill still exist or not
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quote from the first page: "Please post one thread per issue, and check the forum for similar posts first"

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My friends quit day 1 because they didnt get passive points :)
Great, a start finally!

Now we only need the option to upgrade leftover maps after conversion into higher maps automatically so they can be sorted in as well as nuking overflowing T16 maps.

Both obviously opt-in rather then an inherent function.
GGG balance is like getting a pizza which is burnt on the sides, raw in the middle and misses the most of the toppings.
Then upon sending it back you get a raw side, burnt middle and enough toppings to drench everything in grease.
Everything fixed but still broken.
Sorry, but after 2 months of waiting, this map conversions is just a bad joke, right!?

Last time I used the conversion it converted my evenly distributed map pool into 3-8 maps per tier.
Now it only converts each maps to their naturally available tabs, 1-2 maps per each tier!?
Who on earth needs 1200x T10 Crimson Township, or 1400x T8 Conservatory, etc!?

This must be a joke, right!? Oh, and unique maps still downgrading too!?
Well, I got my answers from my yesterday's fears of this change....
All-time non-streamer luckless dropless rewardless tons-of-time-playing non-TFT-er 100% solo player.
The 22nd of December, 2021, the day has come; more than enough of this emerging shitshow.
I'm very unhappy with this map-stash solution.

I was hoping to read 'IT WORKS NOW'. But your "solution" - especially considering you had so much time (not only 2 months but years!) - is a major disappointment.

I just recently gave myself a little push to support you again and buy something, but this is now over. This is the final nail in the coffin for me. You lost the last bit of credibility. I am massively disappointed.

Unique maps still downgraded....
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