Changes to Map Conversion Functionality

A mighty POG indeed. Good solution.
Crap, guess new core packs only tomorrow =/
3.13 was the best league ever!

Your crafting is RNG casino...
Let's see it if it really going to work after all these years since the button's intruduction.
As a side note, it is fun to see a sample picture from a tab with maximum 70 maps per tier.
While the actual problems in reality were with thousands of maps with 70+ per map type..
I just hope at this point, testing was done properly with normal sized standard map tabs..

And as a side question, was the even converting distribution final tuned as well?
I remember last time converting my tab landed on the same 2-3 maps each tier..

If the map series changes and your map stash is not empty, it will become remove-only and you will get a new empty map stash set to the current series.

What a surprise, we were asking exactly for this workaround from day 1 of the failed patch....
All-time non-streamer luckless dropless rewardless tons-of-time-playing non-TFT-er 100% solo player.
The 22nd of December, 2021, the day has come; more than enough of this emerging shitshow.
Thank you, thats great news!
simple solution temporary map tab yet, the scourge league almost end already then u implement.

Is this the way of ggg doing things?
For minion helmet mirror service
Stupidsmile Ultimate SRS Minion Instability Build
This is awesome
Just hope this fix's the map problem... i will let you guys n girls try it first :)

Merry christmas you filthy animals.
Yes, thank you, sounds good!
I loved harvest league.
I liked the reintroduced harvest mechanic in ritual league.
I hate the harvest nerfs with a passion.
Is it live?

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