Zizaran's Krangled Gauntlet has been chaotic, especially with all these extra projectiles flying around! We've compiled a few clenchers from Twitch in today's post. Also, a big congratulations to Lightee7 for winning the gauntlet overall! The Krangled Gauntlet ends at Noon December 20 (PST) which is Dec 20, 2021 3:00 PM (EST) (Log in to view in your local time), so be sure to give it a shot before it ends! Find out more about our events schedule here, or check out our events calendar!

P.S. If you haven't noticed by now, Nugi seems to have a problem with spiders…

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rewards for dłelw when
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Dang, those spiders really want a bite of poor Nugi!

Lightee is too powerful, and now GGG must nerf them instead of Mathil.
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then just leave the game already if you think its dead. The Events are great, if you don't like them, don't play them, but your rant is just stupid.
I was not expecting this Gauntlet to be won so fast. Seismic Trap is definitely too good for the game's available content.

I'd expected the Gauntlet to be won by the first or second of the top 30-ish players to have a lucky March of the Legion drop (and not lose it to a death). Wasn't expecting that item to not even be necessary, even with Darkee's skill.
Le Toucan Will Return
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How tf did cArn die?
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How tf did cArn die?

There's no death recap so who the fuck knows?
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Crazy stuff :D
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How tf did cArn die?

Atziri's split phase.
One of her copies holds a mirror and that copy reflects 100% of physical and elemental damage.
cArn killed himself attacking that copy.

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