The Endless Delve Event is Coming to Console This Weekend

Can you register at any time after the event starts? Never done one of these before.
great news. But its 1/10 event with 1/1000 prize pool..... In PC Delve event they can win mtx on 60,70,80,90 lvl. We can win 30MTX top 30 ppl and 1 box on 50 lvl. We still joke for GGG
Vendetta wrote:
the crybabies can stop now.

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Take a look in this probably grown man posts. Then he comes here and talk about crybabies LOL
Just wanted to throw a quick comment to say how much this is appreciated as a console only player who absolutely loves these events. Thanks GGG
Schori wrote:
Awesome now all the console players can stop complaining :)

QFT, brother! Hopefully, they'll keep this in mind for future reference. =^[.]^=
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Thank you GGG! It's appreciated!
I WAS GONNA SAY I WANT TO PLAY it... but my ps4 just broke hdmi broke into the console... time for a ps5... but not yet...
This is great! news for the whole POE community. GGG is definitely moving in the right direction with this. I Love this game and the community that the game consist of. Thanks! for all the effort you guys and gals are putting into your game and your gaming community. Happy Delving everyone and good luck to all exiles!
Only top 30 players get a reward, compared to thousands of pc players having random chance for rewards? Ah well, at least its better than nothing :x
Thank you ggg

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