The Endless Delve Event is Coming to Console This Weekend

Thank GGG
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Great job. But is ladder somewhere? 😃
Thank u GGG. I’m finally testing a new build this weekend :D
theHannibus wrote:
1/10th of the event, at least it's something.

It would be a crazy world if poe pc players actually supported their console brethren. We're just here trying to have fun like everyone else.

All of the top streamers have a good chunk of console fans, and I've never heard one of them even address the inequality of the platforms.

But don't forget to like and subscribe pfth

I play on XBONE and PC... I'm pretty sure after nerfageddon Both Zizaran and RaizQT tried to address this inequality in their interviews with Chris Wilson.
A Grandpa that happens to love Path of Exile. Maybe a little too much.
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I don't play on console, but I think it's great that they've been given at least one race.
the rewards will be apply for all top 30 based on deph for all classes / ascendancies? or each class will be awarded?
Not sure if this is the place to post this issue, but it seems that if we try to run ahead, and cart looks like its speeding up to catch up to us, after about 5 seconds, we end up warped way behind cart in the darkness, RIP. Peeps calling it desync. Sigh

But anyway, cool event.
I feel like a lot of people enjoyed the event but there was a HUGE issue: one winner per ascendency. This made A LOT of people quit after day 1. I know we have a smaller player base but ONE winner? Last year it was 5…. Maybe cut it to 3 or something? It gave people nothing to keep pushing for.
Hey grinding gear games.

I have a question for you.

So pc rewards are top 50 overall top 5 in each ascendancy.

Why does console get top 30 overall and only top in each ascendancy?

When I support this game I don’t see the 20% console discount. Yet for the only event we get you discount the rewards. Some super special ppl working at this place.
The previous endless Delve was the last event I played on PS4 before selling my console and switching to PC. Very happy that my console folks got at least one of the events. Here's hope GGG makes the other ones available for consoles as well.

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