The Endless Delve Event is Coming to Console This Weekend

Wow , I'm glad you guys decided to do what you should've done from the beginning. I'm glad you took the time out of your holiday month to make sure we get one event and not worry about patches in the middle of the event :).
Thank you very much on my behalf and on behalf of my guild mates. We are very happy that you also thought about us.


Schori wrote:
Awesome now all the console players can stop complaining :)

Stop complaining?

Because they gave us ONE of the events? Still with ZERO communication, and no apology over the previous lack of either events or communication?

I'm really glad they decided it was worth doing *something* for us, but the extreme lack of communication and remorse is highly disappointing.

I don't know if this will be enough to bring me back.
i play pc only, but i want to say

Thank you

for taking the time and effort to make this event happen on console.

console players didnt get to experience delve league, and (imo) delve is some of the best league content in poe. im glad you were able to share this event with the rest of the poe community!
thank you ggg.
Thank you very much, GGG. Looking forward to this
Awesome! thanks, GGG for the effort to include the console slayers!
Thank you GGG ... and sorry to the PC Community for our rants. We really felt left out.
Ya iba a quemar la SerieX y hablar con Phil Spencer porque no estaban marginando en los eventos 🤣✌️
Thanks GGG for listening to our request.
We hope to see more communications in future, let's make poe great on console.

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