The Endless Delve Event is Coming to Console This Weekend

VOID lol
fk archnemesis.
Great to hear.
1/10th of the event, at least it's something.

It would be a crazy world if poe pc players actually supported their console brethren. We're just here trying to have fun like everyone else.

All of the top streamers have a good chunk of console fans, and I've never heard one of them even address the inequality of the platforms.

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Thanks, this is a start. How about some increased communication?
lol. spent their precious time on this instead of improving on Scourge for ALL players on ALL platforms.
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QQPQ wrote:
Schori wrote:
Awesome now all the console players can stop complaining :)

Stop complaining?

Because they gave us ONE of the events? Still with ZERO communication, and no apology over the previous lack of either events or communication?

I'm really glad they decided it was worth doing *something* for us, but the extreme lack of communication and remorse is highly disappointing.

I don't know if this will be enough to bring me back.

Its funny because even the "ggg staff" was saying that they couldn't do it... They must have been counting how many people said they were gonna stop spending. Better late than never right GGG? Thats the motto for the new leagues also.. For spme reason your certification takes THREE days for us to play the game by then the hypes already practically dead considering u can watch your favorite streamers basically do everything by then..

Still no real communication about why we were even left out in the first place lol... 1 event of 5 thanks ggg ill be real sure to tune in to the streamers enjoying the others for the portals.

I guess im not too surprised thinking of the "streamer privilege" they thought would be a good idea a couple leagues ago...
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I know I posted some fud about not getting some of the events and I am not sincerely sorry. GGG, I really appreciate you coming through and doing this for us console plebs. I really loved endless delve and I am very thankful to have it again. Thank you.
hsuchijp wrote:
lol. spent their precious time on this instead of improving on Scourge for ALL players on ALL platforms.
to be fair they made the pc events because they fully abandoned scourge.... the console events have 0 hand in this lol.

Even if I only play on PC, this is a really surprising good news for consolers; well done!

Still sad that scourge was abandoned on week 2, then the voided events, but at least, something..
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