3.16.2 Patch Notes

dedwar wrote:
You guys ever going to make krangling items worth it?

after 100000 still nothin worthy
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Krulphy wrote:
Guys after this last patch I did +70 maps with all the harvest maven nodes and havent got a single sacred grove. I wonder if this is a bug or I'm just the unluckiest guy on earth.

it's just GGG silently nerfing the spawn rate for harvest. i haven't seen one since the patch either
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
I'm stuck at 0.00% and can't ping patchcdn.pathofexile.com always timed out. Is the patch server offline today 10th Dec. 2021 ?
Standard map stash fix when??

Paid cash for this service.
Please, I am begging you. Fix the latency. I've tried everything. Lowering performance to minimum, closing everything else...nothing works. My computer is pretty high end too, and my connection is very fast. This game is pretty much unplayable at this point, and I keep dying to lag/latency/disconnects/whatever. I've even lost high end scourge maps because of it.
Just crashed around 8 times during the Endless Heist, so I decided to jump on over the heist in scourge and no crashes :/.. Thanks

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