3.16.2 Patch Notes

36th challenge felt like a donation, but it's done. Thank you!
This is the second point-update that is ultra-minor - those people who said, "dead league even according to GGG" or "maintenance mode" were correct, I guess.

What, whatever, I am neurodivergent is ways that will keep me playing (its actually good for me to have something to sink some time into), but hey, I have spent money on you in the past, but I don't have to do that, no do I?

Let's just hope the next update is different.
Cry cry something whinge wine complain
Can you fix the crash for map to ? several time 3 days in a row game crashed when I maps and the crash remove all portal from map I did dont understand why you just dont fix think is more important then remove a last league....
New crash added with patch. Crashed. Logged back in. All portals gone (should have had 5 remaining).
guess ggg has forgotten that maps tab convertion still not working properly on standard...
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Hi GGG! I'm afraid something went wrong with the patch, I had 3 crashes in 20 minutes - "server disconnect" if I remember correctly. 2 of them lost the remaining portals of my map. 1 of them didn't. Hope this feedback helps. Cheers!
Lost 2 simulacrums. Then crashes while i was just typing in guild chat. I do not want to open another one. Waiting for patch.
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"Fixed a bug where items could absorb Corruption from monsters of a lower level than required."

wait they requre the right level? is this wwhy everyone think it so grindy becuase you forgot to tell people something as basic as this? did you guys even add requred level on the UI that opens on the items or any where?

ffs please tell me you guys did.
skills Needs Rework:
LINK GEMS: problem: the links are tempary, making them dead on a rival.

please make zombie cheerleaders as mtx
Spectre fix is nice.

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