3.16.2 Patch Notes

Brining light to further stupid decisions by GGG.

If Standard mattered, then you would have fixed the map conversion bug by now at the absolute latest.

Therefore, standard doesn't matter.

So why the heck are all the events voided?

Not that it actually matters to me, since you full on abandoned console.
And this required 600MB patch? Comedy gold xD
Cabal88 wrote:
And this required 600MB patch? Comedy gold xD

717.5mb patch for me lol
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
changes themselves may not be more than 10mb,but files they replace with modified versions can be.
if you dont know how patching work dont talk.
Last edited by Nibelton on Dec 2, 2021, 7:25:10 PM
You guys ever going to make krangling items worth it?
and another 131mb patch with no explanation as to what it was for. they must have messed something up. not that they ever mess anything up lol
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
HDTanel wrote:
la_jej wrote:
and standard map stash fixed next year, as expected.

Remember we paid for it...

This has been a major issue since launch of the game but never fixed. Now with Atlas changes thankfully everybody feels how stupid it is to not be able to convert their maps.

As myself who dont really play Standard I felt it was wrong that I couldnt convert maps IF I decided to farm a lot of maps.. like I am being punished for hoarding.

When you say "not be able to convert their maps", do you mean in any way at all, or just automatically in the map stash? If you mean the former, you can vendor maps to get back converted maps.
anyone getting stutters after this patch?
After the patch i've ran 23 Hidden invitation with 74+% quant and haven't got any Flawless breachstones. What's going on? Am i getting unlucky or what? If the drop rate is ~20% it's a 0.5% chance of this happening, possible but extremly unlikely. And If the drop rate is somewhere around 25% which was my experince before the patch it's around 0.13% chance for this streak to occur.
Guys after this last patch I did +70 maps with all the harvest maven nodes and havent got a single sacred grove. I wonder if this is a bug or I'm just the unluckiest guy on earth.

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