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0racle wrote:
Is there a lore reason why conqueror's mobs (and other random mobs like spiders) exist in the alternate reality?

Like I would have though it's just demons, but that's not the case?

Agreed to this, should be demons only on the other side.
I like the change of "lore right in your face" to "implied information open to interpretation", not everything should be told right away or just told at all, the implications of alternate universes and how "all of them have been consumed by the scourge", and how be blindly trust someone who just appeared out of thin air jsut to shove some unknown artifact into ourselves with no chance to remove it, that is pretty sus. Also I do like when not every single question in the game is answered, it takes away so much when you know everything to a T.
It does suck that the item rewards don't hold up to the mechanic engagement and the lore implications, that would have made it a super good league instead of a somewhat mediocre one where people quit halfway through or just go to standard.
How did the Scourge come to be? Nothing about it, a real shame, but I have a few guesses.

I'm pretty sure some guys who thought themselves to be pretty cool, summoned them. Either accidently or willingly to gain more power. And as it turned out, they could not reap what they had sowed and instead it reaped and RIPped them. That part would be consistent with other cataclysms we are already familiar with - Wraeclast's fall through Malachai and Kitava's accidental summoning by us.

The Scourge seem to come from unterground. These orange lamps are rather vents. Last to Die hints the Scourge came from something that is likely to be found underground and is actively controlling them from there. An alternate version of the green Abyss guys?

Why are there normal monsters in that alternate reality? Food storage when human flesh runs out?

And the hint provided in the article seems clear - Chaos Entity is somehow connected to the Scourge, and I would not be surprised to find him/it to be the new end boss in the next expansion. Is Chaos Maven's brother? Or father?

Last to Die certainly needs a few more lines. At least a one-liner like "I don't want to talk about the past." so that we as players know we can safely put her into the closet. I really hope her story continues.

All in all, I'd like to see more conclusions or expansions of stories long opened. Who is the Delirium speaker? Is it Chaos? Who are Harbingers and what the heck are they doing here? What is this ancient azurite-based culture we find in Delve and who is Aul really? Why was he "sleeping" in a crystal? Who are the Abyss guys? What is the "Place of Ancient Power" hinted by Dannig? An old tunnel made by the Abyss guys? So many unfinished stories...
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Nice, thanks!!

Sorry for my poor english!!


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