Development Stories - Creating Scourge Lore

Nice !
Coffee & Cigarettes
cool, can you guys take a look on the krangling mod weightings?
When she dropped that line about that alternate reality ruled over by Venarius, my Synthesis-loving self got very, VERY excited at the possibilities.
Next league gone a be "Apocalypse league" or "Doom league" cool names lol

Yes, I remember Ultimatum. Where is it?
Please, don't tell me that you cut it out because of some lore and story-telling.
GGG forum censorship on form tonight, my post was removed literally 5 seconds after posting, presumably because I used the awful word 'damn'.

How dare I say that I'm more interested in them developing the league than hearing about stories...
There's enough out there already that, before Scourge league even released, observant players were giving TED talks on the upcoming lore.

reference to Kitten Cat Noodle :)
As always , good work on narrative and voice acting , keep it up.
I would also like to see some king of interconnection or correlation between lore parts .

In other words it would be nice to see one story unfold , rather than bits and pieces of unconnected events leading no where and having no real purpose or goal.

Its more like fillers at this point new entities showing for a league and then lost to the lore and to the story of exiles.

thanks for sharing !
So Path of Exile 2 is the Alternate?
No bc PoE2 takes place long after the events of 1.
scourge league has lore? so why do we just shove a disgusting device into our bodies because some random person tells us to?

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