Development Stories - Creating Scourge Lore

What about "Creating Game Stability" or "Creating Stable Connections" or "Creating Game Balance"

there seems to be no limit as to how out of touch GGG is with the playerbase atm
Kinda bummed about her lack of narrative, to be honest. Got a few choice things to say, no mention of your capabilities of killing gods or even the Scourge bosses. Nothing about the Conquerors, Sirus, or the Maven. No opinion on the other members in your hideout. Would've been nice if she talked about her own reality before the Scourge consumed it, what you in this parallel dimension were like.
PoE players: Our game has a wide diversity of builds.

Also PoE players: The [league mechanic] doesn't need to be nerfed, you just need to play a [current meta] build!

There's nothing wrong with Harvest's deterministic crafting. Perhaps it's that loot is largely worthless and slows the game down.
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Fart_Smucker wrote:
This league just gave another useless NPC that only says a few things and its done. There really needs to be a league or two that caps off lore thats long unfinished from existing content thats in the game now. Would be amazing to expand on where Harbingers came from, lots of seemingly unfinished lore from Tane and so on.

That's just what Scourge did with Ultimatum, Synthesis, Beyond and possibly with what Sirus says.

As for Harbingers, have you looked into translations of their script on the items?
Guys its Zana! she is the last boss for POE 1. She keeps telling us to stop delving so far in the atlas but the conquerors, others, and us keep doing it. and besides she can freely move between worlds separate from how we do it. whether she gets corrupted like everyone else or does so on her own accord.
Maybe it's a langoliers situation. When the league shuts down and we dissapear, the scourge moves in. Only synthesis league was able to resist.

Poor Alva lookin' rough this league.
Just throwing this somewhere in case I am right but, I think Chaos is sort of a cosmic power as was the decay. The decay had a cosmic being working for it we knew as the Elder. Perhaps the Maven's "Parents" are those that work for Chaos and even still perhaps the Trial Master was to the Chaos beings as the Envoy is to Maven.

Further still look at how chaos energy looks in game, look at the trial master and his style. I think he shares a lot with Sirus. Sirus fires death beams composed of black and red energy. Power he got when he was sucked into another dimension with the Elder. Black energy representing The Decay and Red for Chaos. Perhaps in that other dimension Chaos Corrupted him which is why he turned evil. Even a lil more of a guess would be either Chaos Corrupted The Elder and next we get to fight a corrupted Elder or The elder fused somehow with Sirus then was corrupted which is the fight we Currently have.

Either way I think this is just the start and soon we'll find who is actually pulling the strings of these puppet monstrosity they call the Scourge.
I love POE lore. I have read the whole unofficial collection of Poe lore until now .
Please, please, please, bring scourge into the core!

Also, thanks a whole lot. It felt really good to feel that the community as a whole was listened and answered. This is the best league I've ever played by far! And if you take a look at the time I've spent in exile, that is saying somethin.
Interesting stuff…
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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I absolutely love The Last To Die and the lore/theme of this league, the idea of knowing that there's alternate realities where demons are invading and you having the ability to shift into one of them is a terrifying aspect! Seeing her fleeing from all this when we first meet her honestly shook me!
It is a shame that there isn't more with her tho, even some dialog from the others in our hideout would be cool to see. I love her voice as well! I'm Hoping she sticks around for the long haul, along with her Blood Crucible.

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