3.16.0d Hotfix 2

gg 75 ex armour
Lmao nice one

You can be fast.. For some issue... Sorry I feel so desabused.. By the way Lightning warp still bugged (since 2.4 where you destroyed it aoe, while providing an alternate quality that increase its aoe( nice pun)

So.. No supporter pack from me this league.. Like previous one.. Like previous. One... Sorry I really loved what you do.. But milking the cow.. Too much..

I can see my rng decrease into oblivion.. Very sad. Very sad..
You ARE my Bitch of burden!
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people listing Voll's for 1 regret is hilarious.
it was 13:37 in berlin timezone that i saw about this auta thing.
was laughing in discord already about all the ppl buying stuff for this.
ahhhhhhh this feels good :)
now 10h later i come home after work, just to see that it got hotfixed ahhhhhh yes.
Rip, was gonna be the last build i tested before quitting the league
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3.13 was the golden age. Down the drain we go.
I don't think this should have been "fixed" this league. It wasn't a bug in any way and worked exactly how auras are worded. They reserve a portion of maximum mana, if that mana is 0,they reserve 0.this was working as intended [Removed by Support]
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When we players will play this game instead being your free QA testers ?

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