3.16.0d Hotfix 2

merendero wrote:
the lag spike issues you completely ignore. Since day 1 this is happening not only to me, but a lot of people from different servers.

We're working on that problem.
Something tells me you should've tested the hotfix .. servers are slow-motion right now
Not sure if it's related, but full latency right now in game. Tried changing gateway, tried rebooting router/dns yada yada, still going strong in game.

Edit : no lag spike, just... huge and constant latency all time.
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This wasnt completely a bug. Its simple maths, thats how % of 0 works... but the issue was they didnt realise you can get 0 mana. If you try this with Blood Mage, which removes your mana, you were never able to do it, so its not a bug!
The hotfix caused big server stability problems. Feels like all servers run with 90-100% CPU usage. Everything runs in slowmo but never catches up.
Yeah I think your hotfix completely killed the game.

I'm getting...it's not lag, it's more like the entire game is going into some form of intermittent slow-motion, like the entire game server just isn't keeping pace with the game. There's no hyperspeed "catch-up" after the slow motion.
Glad this got instantly fixed, any eta on when elemental overload will function correctly? Would really like to get back to my initial build plan that is missing a huge damage multiplier :)
Holysparkle wrote:
Nice joke, what about anyone who made this build and invested into it? How is this a serious thing? The game experience just got ruined for so many people! Well done GGG

Who invests in something that clearly didn't have to work that way? that's the real question
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