[3.20] L1uke's Bane/ED LL Occultist | Leaguestart to Endgame (now with new versions)

luca4k wrote:
how are u reserving life ? if at all, i dont know how to swap to lowlife

You link your Temporal Chains to Blasphemy and Arrogance. It will then reserve your life instead of Mana
Hello again, long time no see, as per usual, sorry,

As the previous comment said correctly, we reserve life using the 2 links to make the socketed curse an aura curse. This way you are around 46% of life (depending how much do you have on gear but should trigger LL no matter what). I believe all of that is mentioned in the POB notes, but if not I shall update it.

I have played this build this league once again, and I was pleasantly surprised that even after the Archnemesis buffs it felt pretty good... The first hotfix helped a lot as our chaos damage scaled better so overall still playable.
What concerns Uber bosses: Yes and No... This build can truly do wonders once you pretty much minmax it.. which can be achieved around 30 divines I think, granted I have crafted some stuff myself. Suddenly you melt almost anything, especially since the damage keep ticking even when you're moving/dodging stuff... but I wouldn't classify it as a flawless bosser, this is definitely more of a clear build.

One of the changes I have made to adapt it more for both purposes require you to have 2 weapon setups for example, which again gets slightly more expensive if you're looking for actual endgame content. I will update the POB again sometime soon hopefully, I'm a bit busy at the moment.

Those who look for safe bossing builds I would suggest some tanky CI COC cyclone stuff, but those get also very expensive very quick.

I will look into this more in the future, I still have some plans, just no time to realize them just yet.
Nice guide, but how to got eldritch implicits in hunter itens?

Sorry for my poor english!!

Nice guide, but how to got eldritch implicits in hunter itens?

EDIT: sorry double

Sorry for my poor english!!

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Ah, you're right, you can't, must have overseen it because I had them before on non influenced items. In certain cases it's better on normal items, but sometimes the high roll influenced implicits with the correct base are better. I will update my guide in the future but thanks for the remark!
Thank you for your past remarks.

I have now (finally, sorry it took so long) updated everything, even though it will be updated again most likely after the new tree will be available.

However now notes include more insight, mostly answering past questions as well explaining some of the decisions in further detail.

One small change added in terms of gems and link is our totem setup, as blight didn't do much for us, I put back the wither totems. Still thinking if I wanna experiment around withering step, but more on that later.

Thank you again for everything and if you find something that doesn't fit (I'm extremely overworked these days) please let me know and I will change it.
Hey doing this build this league. Was wondering if you can give us a 3.20 updated PoB as some of the nodes you pick have been moved or removed.

I have started this league with something else so I didn't notice, but it could have been expected. I can have a look at it later today, thanks for the heads up.
interested in the 3.20 updates for this build if you can create a pob for us whenever you got time it'll be truly appreciate and apart from that love the guide!
Hello, sorry for the delay, I have revisited it finally and made a few changes, mostly in pathing since some of the nodes were removed and some were added. Please note that the trees require different amount of points.

New version up now.

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