[3.20] L1uke's Bane/ED LL Occultist | Leaguestart to Endgame (now with new versions)

I've added a new version in the tree: the block version

One quick disclaimer, I have not mentioned this in the notes.. But in order for the block tree to function properly, Zealotry (socketed in gloves) has been switched for Determination, just to keep in mind

Again, shall you have questions just message me or comment here.
atm levelling the experiment build like this, seems going good
I was thinking of making a more detailed leveling step by step guide, beside the tree versions, not sure if needed though, feel free to let me know if you would want something like that added there.

Glad it's going good for you so far :)

Nice build :)

I have only one small question about the curse mastery node you take on the "+1 curse" wheel


"Enemies you curse are hindered, with 15% reduced movement speed"

It disturbed me about what it effectively provide to you because you already have temporal chain switched on with a blasphemy and I cannot find any clear "-XX% movement speed" for Hinder, even on the wiki!

Regarding the action speed, TC already reduced by 20% at lvl1 so Hinder will not bypass it ? or Hinder is 15+15 ? Or 15+30 as Maim ?

Because the only points I saw to hinder them is for:

1- Withering Presence
2- Touch of Cruelty (cluster jewel; but you are not using it RN)
3- Vaal Blight (but it hinder itself)

So, basically my question is :

Why take this mastery ?

Yeah... long post for just a small thing; but the struggle is real here :p

Thanks a lot again for your build !!
Hi, sorry for the terribly late reply, I'm realizing how busy I am these days and completely forgetting about checking posts.

I have to admit you made question myself. I don't consider myself very knowledgeable in build making, I know how things I'm familiar with work and why I chose them over something else. HOWEVER! It is entirely possible there could always be more to be done and probably some things are still sub-optimized.

In the case of this 1 particular point, I remember putting it in there for our ascendancy where we take reduced DOT from hindered enemies. We don't really focus on this, I can't say I've noticed the difference with or without the node. As far as I know, movement speed debuffs should not interfere up to a certain threshold with each other. So our Temp chains should still apply the reduction from hinder. Probably not additively anymore, but probably multiplicatively.

If you find a better use of that 1 point please put it anywhere :)) I would definitely not path towards that node, shall you not need the rest of the stats. You can technically get additional curses on your equipment or maybe even anoint but I'm not sure how worth it is the investment considering we would be saving 3-4 points. You seem to be experienced, I'm sure you can make the right decision that would suit you the most.

Thanks a lot for checking the build out, feedback like this means a lot to me.
Last edited by L1uke on Jun 2, 2022, 5:26:18 AM
Now in 3.19, couple of changes were made to make it possible to keep all the benefits of this build, the PoB link has been updated and within the PoB you can find new notes.

Thanks for checking it out and if I forgot anything or you have issues with something (I have updated it before trying it out in 3.19), please let me know and I'll get back to you.
Just a random question, not particularly meant for your build. I see everyone going Bane / ED, is there a reason contagion is no longer picked ? I can see why bane is stronger if you link curses to it but wouldn't contagion be faster for mapping even tho its 2 buttons ? Would this build still work if i replace bane with contagion/increased aoe ? Its a serious question because i'm looking for an oldschool ED/Cont build that i used to play lots of leagues back but no1 seem to make them anymore.
Hi, I love that someone also misses those simpler times :)
That was my very first build (cast together with spellslinger and soulrend). I have since tried to make it work for a few leagues but with each league, it has become more and more complex to make it somehow automated while still having auras I wanted.

To make it a 2 button build is possible of course, I'm just not sure how worth it is anymore. The leading aspect of contagion was the large clear, but contagion on its own doesn't produce much damage, even 6-linked (or at least not comparable with other skills). And since bane scales area quite easily, I have found this to be the better clearing option, while sticking to the 1 button mechanic.

I wouldn't mind making something similar to the old ed/cont... but I feel like you would be missing some single target dps. Or at least you would have sub-optimized links. I might play around this idea in the future, but not too optimistic about it anymore. Maybe a different casting method like a CWC setup or something. I'll see.
how are u reserving life ? if at all, i dont know how to swap to lowlife
Is this build viable for uber bosses etc?

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