[3.16] L1uke's Bane/ED LL Occultist... All budgets from 2-50+ex

Hello, this is my first build that I ever created and it worked so well I wanted to upload it. This is perfect if you want to try something fun, but you don't want to spend too much on it. In case you want to take it to the endgame, there is the option as well.

Very budget friendly until late game (I killed sirus 8 on about 2ex investment, but to be fair it was rough)
Can do a vast majority of map mods
Amazing mapper (large clear)
Large energy shield and good recharge rate makes it pretty safe, combined with vaal discipline, it is quite hard to die if you play safe
"Custom defensive layer" from curses. Enemies are slower, deal less damage.
No overly specific equipment required, mostly generic mods suffice
Lacks other defensive layers such as evasion or armor (low evasion, no armor)
Large, sudden chaos damage (chayula for example) is pretty dangerous to do
Not a zoom zoom build
Actual endgame could use some more investment (up to 50ex)

Everything you need to know you can find in the note section of the PoB


6L mapping chest- Bane, Despair, Punishment (low life), Controlled Destruction, Swift Affliction, Empower, (Enfeeble instead of punishment when not on LL)

6L bosses weapon- Essence Drain, Swift Affliction, Efficacy, Controlled Destruction, Void Manipulation, Empower

4l totem gloves- Blight, Spell Totem, Controlled Destruction, Increased Area of Effect

3l+1l Helmet- Arrogance, Blasphemy, Temporal Chains and Vaal Discipline unlinked

2l+2l boots- Arcane Surge (lvl 6), Flame Dash and Malevolence with Zealotry


The whole progress is in the PoB, step by step each Act, followed by a life version of the build before you respec to LL/ES. Then a LL/ES tree that can get you to endgame and then a Cluster version which is a bit more expensive.

For the first 2 acts we use Holy Flame Totem and Flame wall until we get Bane and curses in Act 3.


The actual build I made

How it looked when I killed Sirus 8
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Very happy to See you put So a lot of work in it. Congratz and respect. Keeper it on bro❤👍
This will be my main league starter, thank you for the time and effort of creating a guide for us lesser knowledgeable, factually-challenged individuals!
What is the viability of this build in SSF? Specifically with an eye towards Endless Delve ;)

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