Path of Exile: Scourge Xbox Patch Delay

userwau wrote:
Its up boys. Good Luck to all, thanks GGG

I keep getting a message to download an update. I uninstalled an hour before league launch and keep restarting my Xbox to see if an update would come through...Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks in advance
Mine just hit now.
Mines updating! Thanks GGG!
Go to poe and manage game and add-ons menu. Then go to updates
Downloading the update yeee!
Thanks GGG
Game updating, cheers GGG

Have a good league start everyone and try to get less exalts than I do.
Good luck everyone, I hope all your drops are blessed by RNGesus
update went through..thanks for the prompt responses. Best of Luck everyone!
It helped to started the update manually in the game manager.
Wish you all a good leauge start.
Have to wait 20 Minutes-
I’m not buying it. I’ve downloaded the patch and it says your servers aren’t even up yet. I’m 67 in line; “The servers are not yet online”.
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