Path of Exile: Scourge Xbox Patch Delay

No one is buying your "this is outside our control". You can either be transparent with what exactly went wrong, or we can just infer this is an issue due to poor planning on your side.
Damn everyone is so salty lol. I'm bummed too but things happen. Looking forward to playing when I can! Thanks GGG
LOLUBAD wrote:
infer this is an issue due to poor planning on your side.

Damn mfers sound entitled to others labor or something.
I am looking forward to Scourge when I can!
Xbox delay copium..

Update: We've received confirmation that the update will be available for download shortly. We will update this post again to confirm once this is live.
These things need to be anticipated in advance. Whether it be the corrupted / incorrect patch delivered to Microsoft and then having the correct one ready and now waiting on Microsoft. There are always alternatives to ensure success. (Even if this means having the game down for an entire day ensuring the patch is readily accepted)

Anyway, thanks for the continuation of the greatest action rpg games on the market. Keep it up!

Looking forward to playing!


Even digital extremes has these problems and they tell you if Ms and or DE screwed up the dont shut down their entire game i.e warframe
Jeff coming in clutch Pog
I'm looking forward to league starting my build and see how far it goes before realizing I should have gone with a real starter build.

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