Path of Exile: Scourge Xbox Patch Delay

Gonna try to replicate mathils spec helix pathfinder
To the Xbox players: Fear not, you're not missing out on much. This league is SO undercooked that you might catch something.

You da man Jeff!

Its up boys. Good Luck to all, thanks GGG
Damn I was just about to shower also
I'm looking forward to league starting my build and see how far it goes before realizing I should have gone with a real starter build.

More time to prepare!
For the unforseen brickwall is hit on a build
EWA Peanut wrote:
RavenMyste wrote:
still waiting for the update, please get your act together GGG so we can play.

They literally said it's out of their hands. It's a Microsoft/Xbox issue you ungrateful child.

LOLUBAD wrote:
No one is buying your "this is outside our control". You can either be transparent with what exactly went wrong, or we can just infer this is an issue due to poor planning on your side.

I am buying it man microsoft makes publishing any games or updates to games a rigorous stupid difficult process, for a multitude of reasons and shit happens. GGG does what they can to make it as smooth as possible, I sure wish as im sure we all do that poe on console would come out at the same time as pc or atleast sooner but its the world we live in. I'm just super happy its on console as its my favorite way to play
Great job for informing us. Can't wait to play the league :)

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