Path of Exile: Scourge Xbox Patch Delay

thanks guys can't wait to play it :)
Will standard be available to play or will that still be down?
Remove anonymity from players on trade board and give us some buy-out options. Thanks
XBox lost the "messed up console league start" coin flip this time.

Sorry guys.

Hopefully the delay won't be too long.
due to a series of pipeline issues that were outside of our control

outside of our control

our control

Sometimes people need to be beat about the head with reason, before it takes effect.

These issues have occured before, multiple times, with each time reliably leading into massive performance issues, a difficult time updating, bugged clients, and more issues.

While it is understandable that Microsoft may hold the onus of fault in these scenarios, it's crazy to me that there is nothing that can be done to verify that things are being handled properly.

Finding out that the proper patch didn't go through shouldn't occur when the switch is flipped. By this point, these things should be expected.

It's time to have more than one intern and a stack of post-it notes be relied upon for patch distribution.
These things need to be anticipated in advance. Whether it be the corrupted / incorrect patch delivered to Microsoft and then having the correct one ready and now waiting on Microsoft. There are always alternatives to ensure success. (Even if this means having the game down for an entire day ensuring the patch is readily accepted)

Anyway, thanks for the continuation of the greatest action rpg games on the market. Keep it up!

Looking forward to playing!
If you believe that i got bridge for sale in SanFrancisco, they should have prepared in case MS sent back the patch due something was wrong.
"Out there hands" is trying place blame on MS i've played enough MMOs to know when "out there hands incident "comes up.

They screwed up now there fixing it.
Are you kidding with me? I canceled appointments to play, and do you let me know this shortly before launching?
No Worries GGG. Please keep up the good work.

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